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Free Webinar: AI Goes to Law School

January 24, 2024 (1 min read)

LexisNexis University

"Date 02/21/2024

Time 1:00pm - 2:00pm Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Presenters: Kristen Baginski, Celeste Pometto DiNicola

The November 2022 public release of ChatGPT ushered in a new AI era. ChatGPT gained 100 million active users by January 2023 and set off a race among tech giants to jump in with similar technologies, including Bard, Bing, X.AI, Claude, Llama 2 and Lexis! Understanding Generative AI, (a form of artificial intelligence that uses multi-layer neural networks to generate novel content, including text, prose, computer code, images, and video) how it works, and its implications in the legal field will be critical to law professors in determining how to utilize and guide students. This 60-minute seminar will cover: What is AI, how the law shapes/will shape AI’s development and the impact and potential of AI in law schools."