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Immigration Law: An Open Casebook (Free!)

July 12, 2022 (1 min read)

Kit Johnson, Professor of Law and Thomas P. Hester Presidential Professor, University of Oklahoma College of Law, writes:

"Immigration Law: An Open Casebook is the first open-source/open-access casebook on U.S. immigration law. It is designed to serve as the principal text for a broad-based immigration law course as well as a specialty course on crimmigration. The book provides explanations and primary source readings regarding immigration law in the United States. Topics include the constitutional bases for regulating immigration, the contours of the immigration bureaucracy, the admission of immigrants and nonimmigrants into the United States, undocumented migration, the deportation and exclusion of noncitizens, refugee and asylum law, immigration detention, federal and state immigration crimes, border and interior immigration enforcement, and the law concerning citizenship and naturalization.

The book has a Creative Commons license that allows adopters to add to, delete from, abridge, rearrange, and alter the work as best fits their courses. (See "Notices" inside the book.) The project is similar to open access casebooks offered by CALI's eLangdell bookstore.

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FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD (posted July 10, 2022)


  • Paperback copies will be available from Amazon for about $14, likely starting in mid-July 2022."