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Increased Legal Immigration Boosts American Wealth, Freedom, Safety

May 17, 2024 (1 min read)

David J. Bier, Congressional testimony, Apr. 16, 2024

"For nearly half a century, the Cato Institute has produced original research showing that a freer, more orderly, and more lawful immigration system makes the United States a wealthier, freer, and safer place to live. Our view is inspired by America’s founding principles: in a free society, people, whatever their background, ancestry, or birthplace, are directed toward activities that benefit mankind. Although it is easy to find examples of people who cause problems, people are, on the whole, assets to a free country. Indeed, the late‐​great economist Julian Simon called people the ultimate resource because it is only our creativity and work ethic that turn natural resources into human resources. Never has immigration been more important to this process than today—our labor force would be declining without immigrants, and we have 9 million open jobs. Economically productive people produce goods and services that improve the lives of Americans in countless ways. They also make for safer and more secure communities."