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IPTP Update!

November 15, 2021 (1 min read)

IPTP, Nov. 15, 2021

"The Immigration Policy Tracking Project (IPTP) has a new look and a new outlook!

IPTP, the go-to source for tracking Trump Administration immigration policies -- ranging from executive orders to policy minutiae -- has shifted focus. We now follow every detail of those policies' fates as they are addressed (or not) by the Biden-Harris Administration, courts, and other actors. Glance at the home page and you'll know right away that out of 1,059 known Trump policy actions, 214 are no longer in effect. And that 220 have been acted on in some manner by the Biden-Harris Administration, plus 92 addressed by the courts.

Digging a little deeper, you can now easily find how many, and which, policies have been revoked, enjoined, modified, delayed, or otherwise acted on. Discover at your fingertips which ones remain in place.

Search and speed have improved, and visuals are cleaner. So please, come today to see the fresh and always-updating Immigration Policy Tracking Project website."