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RNC Hoisted on Its Own Immigration Petard in Opposing Path to Citizenship

August 19, 2013 (1 min read)

"[I]n sum, the RNC's policy seems to be that:

  • Two-year renewable (but non-amnesty) work permits should be granted to "illegal aliens" who broke our immigration laws because they are victims of lawbreaking abroad that led to their economic exploitation and political oppression (but only so long as they stay mostly employed and otherwise remain crime-free);
  • Legal immigration that matches the economic traits of qualified foreign workers and the needs of U.S. employers should be expanded, especially if the workers' "cultural attributes" are similarly aligned; and
  • Self-deportation is horrific and should not be supported as policy by red-blooded Republicans. 

Is this kind of petard-hoisting an illustration of Bobby Jindal's allusion to the "party of stupid" or is it Chris Christie's "focus on winning again"?  Whatever the underlying rationale for the RNC's muddled messaging, the Republican Party needs to develop a more appetizing and inviting policy, for even a majority of its traditional stalwarts, senior citizens, believes it's too extreme on immigration." - Angelo A. Paparelli, Aug. 18, 2013.