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The Great Escape: Immigration Slavery in America - A True Story of Forced Labor and Liberation (Video)

February 07, 2024 (1 min read)

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"Author Saket Soni and panelists discuss his book The Great Escape, which tells the astonishing true story of a group of immigrants trapped in the largest human trafficking scheme in modern U.S. history. Weaving a deeply personal journey with a riveting tale of modern-day forced labor, The Great Escape — named a 2023 best book of the year by the New York Times, NPR, and Amazon — takes us into the hidden lives of the foreign workers that America relies on to rebuild after climate disasters. Saket Soni is a labor organizer and human rights strategist working at the intersection of racial justice, migrant rights, and climate change. Joining him on the webinar is New Yorker staff writer Sarah Stillman, who writes on immigration and detention issues. Cornell Law School professor Stephen Yale-Loehr moderates the discussion. Among other things, the panelists put this tale of human slavery into the larger context of our broken immigration system."