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Are Audiobooks a Good Study Method for Law School Students? Trends say ‘Yes’

April 14, 2022 (2 min read)

Audiobooks vs. Reading

Law students are pressed for time and always looking for efficient ways to hone their knowledge of core subject matter. It is common for the average student to have hundreds of pages of assigned reading every day.  

Many students are auditory learners, and some just need a break from the eye strain that comes from hours of reading and screen time. So, audiobooks continue to be a convenient alternative to traditional reading for thousands of schools and millions of students.

But when law students are looking for the best study method, is listening to a book really the same as reading a book? Some law librarians and legal content specialists say it is a matter of content and convenience.

“Audiobooks can be particularly effective when the book is a study aid title,” says Deana Sparling, senior director of product planning at LexisNexis.

A study aid title is legal content that reviews core class concepts and helps law students solidify their understanding of classroom discussions.

“Law school students are tasked with a rigorous schedule, and desire the flexibility to learn creatively and efficiently,” says Sparling.

“The Carolina Academic Press study guide package available through the  LexisNexis® Digital Library is a great example. The offering includes concise analysis and the ability to assess progress through Q&A for all levels of study.  And now with the addition of key audiobooks, students are given more flexibility to keep learning these concepts while commuting, doing laundry, exercising, multi-tasking [or] whenever they need a reading break but want to continue studying.”

A 2021 survey from the Pew Research Center suggests between 25 to30% of college students prefer audiobooks. And while most readers still prefer traditional books or eBooks, the number of audiobook users is growing.

This increase in audiobook use is often attributed to its ease-of-use and flexibility.

“Students can find a balance with audiobooks that might be difficult with traditional books,” says Anders Ganten, head of content alliances at LexisNexis. “We are excited to partner with Carolina Academic Press for audiobooks available to our law school customers for the first time. We believe that combining this trusted content with the increasingly popular audio format will be a winning combination for many students.”

LexisNexis Audiobooks

LexisNexis® recently announced a new audiobook package that includes key Carolina Academic Press Understanding Series titles only available through the LexisNexis Digital Library.  

This package includes the following titles:

  • Understanding Contracts
  • Understanding Criminal Law
  • Understanding Civil Procedure
  • Understanding Constitutional Law
  • Understanding Corporate Law
  • Understanding Evidence
  • Understanding Bankruptcy
  • Understanding Federal Income Taxation Law
  • Understanding Secured Transactions
  • Understanding Securities Law

All titles are professionally narrated and available for simultaneous use through the LexisNexis Digital Library website or mobile app.

With these select titles, law students can take a break from traditional learning techniques and continue to study while commuting, exercising and more. Additionally, students with visual or reading challenges will benefit from this new format. 

Carolina Academic Press

The Carolina Academic Press Understanding Series is known for high-quality, well-organized analysis and discussion by subject matter experts and well-known scholars and professors at some of the world's most prestigious institutions. 

CAP audiobooks free today’s law students from additional stressful and monotonous daily reading by presenting knowledge-building explanations of core concepts in a convenient listening format. 

By presenting these respected titles in a new way, law libraries enable students to use their time more efficiently

Listen to a sample of these LexisNexis audiobooks here.

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