LexisNexis® Digital Library

Save time, increase mobility and realize cost savings with digital access to your law library.

Open the doors to your law library with mobile access to primary law, deskbooks, code books, treatises and more.

LexisNexis and OverDrive®, the digital library solutions provider chosen by 40,000+ libraries, schools and colleges worldwide, have joined forces to provide a library management solution that suits evolving legal research requirements:

  • Mobility—compatible with all major devices, including computers, smartphones and tablets
  • Simplified library management—buy, update and distribute publications electronically with easy access to title usage reports
  • Space and budget reductions—conquer rising overhead and physical space constraints by migrating to electronic resources


A digital library provides eBook lending capabilities, much like lending a physical book, in addition to library management functionality.

LexisNexis® Digital Library gives you access to the largest collection of authoritative legal eBook content on a variety of major mobile devices and desktop platforms. Your firm or organization can:

  • share eBook titles among multiple users,
  • purchase eBooks centrally, and
  • manage your library more efficiently via one central, electronic platform.

Additionally, LexisNexis eBooks now include active links from citation references to statutes, cases, treatises, and other materials at Lexis Advance®—fostering a seamless transition from book research to online resources.

See how LexisNexis Digital Library can unlock mobile access and increase research productivity—while helping you save subscription costs and manage title usage:

  • Supports mobility
    • Works on any device through a browser window. Titles are compatible with all major devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone) through any modern browser such as Internet Explorer® 10, Google Chrome, Apple®, Safari®, or Mozilla® Firefox®.
    • Compatible with all major devices to meet your attorneys’ needs (Apple® products, Android, Amazon® Kindle®, etc.)
    • Accessible via computer, smartphone and tablet devices
    • Digital library model means attorneys can access library publications 24/7
    • Annotating and highlighting that stays with you. Highlighting and notes remain, even after check-in, and won’t appear for other readers. Check out a title again and your notes and highlights are still there.
  • Enhances library operations
    • Simplify buying, updating and distributing desk books
    • Manage subscriptions effectively with reports on title usage and borrowing activity by subject matter, date range and more
    • Make interoffice resource sharing easy and provide remote offices access to the organization’s full library collection
  • Reduces overhead costs
    • Hosted by industry leader OverDrive®, LexisNexis Digital Library requires minimal staff resources
    • Decreases overhead and space requirements associated with print books

Implementation Basics
OverDrive builds your organization's digital library and hosts your site, while LexisNexis provides the trusted legal research you rely on with more than 3,000 titles now available in eBook format.

What should customers expect?
Customers will receive a customized primary website, as well as a mobile optimized site and access to a mobile app. These tools allow you to browse, checkout and download materials from anywhere you can access the Internet.

What should library administrators expect?
Usage reports enable librarians to better understand eBook usage within the organization and better manage the organization's migration to digital content.

LexisNexis Digital Library customers also will have access to OverDrive's content catalog where they can acquire access to millions of titles and more than 5,000 publishers.

For more information contact your LexisNexis Account Representative or call 800.233.1940.

What does a LexisNexis Digital Library customer actually get?
LexisNexis Digital Library customers will get a branded primary website and a mobile optimized site to browse, check out and download material. Administrators have access to the OverDrive Content Reserve and have the ability to view title usage statistics and run reports.

Does LexisNexis Digital Library only work with LexisNexis eBooks?
We want our customers to have a digital library experience that mirrors their physical library experience. The LexisNexis Digital Library platform offers an open approach and can be used by other publishers who make their content available via OverDrive in a standard format. The OverDrive Content Reserve hosts content from more than 5,000 publishers available for purchase.

Can LexisNexis Digital Library sync with my organization’s existing catalog?
Yes. OverDrive works with a number of catalog vendors for authentication and can provide MARC record for title discovery. For more details, contact your LexisNexis Account Representative.

How long can patrons check out eBooks?
Checkout time periods are established by your library administrator. Typical default periods are 7, 14 or 28 days for service titles and 30, 60 or 90 days for desk books, however these time periods are at the library’s discretion.

How are eBooks updated?
Publications hosted on your organization’s LexisNexis Digital Library platform will update automatically when a new release becomes available. After the update occurs, patrons who check out the title will be accessing the latest release.

Can I access prior versions/releases of eBooks?
When a customer goes live with LexisNexis Digital Library, the customer will begin building a library archive. Going forward from the go-live date, prior releases/editions will be archived on the digital library; editions available prior to a customer’s go-live date will not be available.

How can I schedule a demo of LexisNexis Digital Library for my firm/organization?
Contact your LexisNexis Account Representative or call 800.223.1940.

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