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Our Top Five Book Choices for Summer 2023 from 800+ American Bar Association Titles

May 31, 2023 (3 min read)
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American Bar Association Little Book Series  

The "Little Book" series from the American Bar Association is a remarkable collection of concise and accessible guides that provide insight into various legal topics – including but not limited to BBQ, boating, golf, wine, and fishing.

Designed to demystify complex legal concepts, these books offer readers a practical understanding of the law in an engaging and user-friendly format. Each book in the "Little Book" series is filled with real-life examples, relevant case examples, and practical tips that empower individuals, professionals, and students to navigate the legal landscape with confidence.

With its commitment to promoting legal literacy, the American Bar Association's "Little Book" series serves as an indispensable resource for anyone seeking to expand their knowledge of the law in a concise and accessible manner.

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Top Five Law Books for Summer 2023

#1 -  The Little Book of BBQ Law

Featuring heavenly recipes for dishes and sauces from all around the country, The Little Book of BBQ Law will help you safely, and hopefully without litigation enjoy some of the best and most interesting food in the world.

#2 - The Little Book of Boating Law

Environmental and animal-rights issues can also arise in the boating world, and even intellectual property questions, of all things, are sometimes involved with boats. Featuring 16 fascinating cases and excerpts from some of history's most distinguished authors who loved the water--including Mark Twain, Jack London, and Henry David Thoreau – The Little Book of Boating Law aptly confirms that a bad day on the water is still infinitely better than a good day at work.

#3 - The Little Book of Golf Law

In ten parts covering legal areas from torts to intellectual property to environmental law, this revised and expanded edition of the classic Little Book explores thirty-nine cases in which the rules of golf spilled over into the rules of law. Each chapter examines a distinct set of facts and involves an actual case. The chapters of The Little Book of Golf Law explore a wide array of legal issues, from personal injury claims for negligence to products liability, contract disputes, and more.

#4 - The Little Book of Foodie Law

Lawyers and foodies alike will find this a fascinating look at some of the most interesting legal wranglings that ever involved the power of the palate. The Little Book of Foodie Law is a must-have addition to your law book library.

#5 - The Little Book of Hunting and Fishing Law

This fascinating book examines the world of hunting and fishing--both pastimes practiced every day by millions of zealous advocates around the globe. With so many people participating in the "hook-and-bullet" arena, things are bound to go horribly wrong. And that is exactly the point where law and lawyers come in, and the point of The Little Book of Hunting and Fishing Law.

Bonus Pick: The Little Book of Elvis Law

Who doesn’t love The King? A sizeable body of litigation arose around Elvis Presley as he ascended to rock n roll fame, leading to fascinating cases captured in The Little Book of Elvis Law. Among many paternity suits and recording contracts, these cases also involve: Priscilla Presley, a bar called The Velvet Elvis, a death certificate investigation, a 16-hour-long documentary, a magazine photo spread, and an agreement with television host Geraldo Rivera. Enjoy this fun and intriguing look into the trials and tribulations of Elvis.

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