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National and State-by-State Workers' Comp News Powered by Larson's (10/12/2015)

October 12, 2015 (2 min read)

CompPharma Releases Latest Workers Comp Prescription Drug Management Study.

OSHA Moves a Step Closer to Finalizing New Electronic Recordkeeping Rule.

Study Finds Long Term Opioid Use Less Effective for 4 out of 5 Women.

AZ: NCCI Explains 2.2% Decrease in Loss Cost Filing.

CA: Governor Signs AB 1124 Workers Comp Drug Formulary.

CA: AIA Applauds Governor’s Signing of AB 1124 Workers Comp Drug Formulary.

CA: Governor Signs AB 438 Forms and Notices, Additional Languages.

CA: Governor Signs SB 542 MPN Contact Information, Modification Plans.

CA: Governor Signs SB 542 Relating to Home Health Care Payment Schedule.

CA: Governor Vetoes AB 305 Permanent Disability Apportionment, Gender Bias.

CA: Governor Vetoes AB 1542 Neuropsychologists Qualified Medical Examiners.

CA: WCIRB Posts 2016 Manuals and Plans.

CA: WCIS Oct. 19 Meeting to Cover FROI/SROI, ICD-10.

CA: Online QME Form 106 Eliminates Waiting Time; DWC Posts More Resources.

CT: WCC Explains Calculating Weekly Benefits Without FICA, Medicare Deductions.

DE: Commissioner Stewart Posts Reports on Proposed Work Comp Rate Filings.

FL: DWC Posts 2015 Special Disability Trust Fund Actuarial Review.

ID: NCCI Submits Proposal for 0.2 Percent Rate Increase for Workers Comp.

ID: IC Posts 2016 Legislative Session Negotiated Rulemaking Update.

ID: IC Posts 2016 Legislative Session Proposed Rules.

KY: DWC Proposes Rule for Email Notification of Insurance Cancellation.

MD: WCC Posts New Form for Insurer’s Termination of Medical Benefits.

MA: DIA Posts COLA, Maximum/Minimum Weekly Compensation Rates.

MA: MBA Workers Comp Section to Host Opioid Addiction Seminar Oct. 14.

MA: DIA Announces Assessment Data Reporting, Payment Information Sessions.

MI: LARA Announces Workers Comp Rate Continue to Decrease.

MN: Newspaper Examines Death Rate for Older Farm Workers.

MS: NCCI Explains 7.9% Decrease in Loss Cost Filing.

MT: LMAC Oct. 14 Meeting to Explore Workers Comp Drug Formulary.

NJ: Defense Attorney Warns of Increase in Occupational Disease Claims Filed.

NY: WCB Posts Newly Authorized Health Care Providers.

NY: WCB Posts Updated List of Health Care Providers.

NC: IC Release 2015 Annual Report.

PA: Uber Backs SB 984 for Permanent Legal Status in Pennsylvania.

RI: Medical Advisory Board to Discuss Fee Schedule, Protocols, IMEs.

TN: TN WC Insurance Plan Reinsurance Mechanism Dissolved.

TX: DWC Posts Oct. 2015 Safety & Health Update.









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