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National and State-by-State Workers' Comp News Powered by Larson's (10/26/2015)

October 26, 2015 (2 min read)

Senator Sanders, Dem Lawmakers Warn Labor Secretary Perez About Opt Outs.

CEPR Examines Cuts in Workers Comp and Rising SSDI Payments.

NCCI Announces New President and CEO William E. Donnell.

Obama Announces Guidelines for Addressing Prescription Drug Abuse, Heroin Use.

CDC Drafts Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain.

New Study: Marijuana Use in U.S. Doubled During Last Decade.

Death of Amazon Warehouse Temp Worker Sheds Light on Future of Low-Wage Work.

AK: NCCI Explains 2.6 Percent Decrease in Loss Cost Filing.

AZ: IC Announces Admin and Special Fund Assessment Rates for CY 2016.

CA: Insurance Commissioner Issues Decision Regarding 2016 Pure Premium Rate Filing.

CA: Chief Judge Newman to Transfer to WCAB; Medical Director, Deputy Commissioner to Retire.

CA: CHSWC Posts Slide Presentation of Medical Care for Injured Workers.

CA: CHSWC Posts Latest Study on Injured Worker Access to Medical Care.

CA: WCIS Posts Regulatory, e-Billing, FROI/SROI, Medical Bill Records Reporting Updates.

CA: DWC Adjusts OMFS (Physician/Non-Physician Practitioners Services).

CA: Federal Judge Rules US DOJ Unable to Interfere With California Medical Marijuana Laws.

CO: NCCI Explains 1.9 Percent Decrease in Loss Cost Filing.

DE: The Case of the Mega-Credit: A New Take on Fund Reimbursement.

HI: State Adds e-File Feature to Insurance Certificate Submittal System.

IL: Medical Payments Per Claim Increased in 2013 After Falling From 2010-2012.

KS: Insurance Commissioner Discusses 12% Cut in Workers Comp Rates.

LA: OWCA Proposes Changes to Medical Guidelines Regarding ICD-10 Medical Coding.

MA: Senate Passes S2033 Workplace Disfigurement Bill.

MO: NCCI Explains 2.4 Percent Decrease in Loss Cost Filing.

NE: WCC Posts 2016 Maximum Income Benefit Increase.

NY: WCB Announces Update on Payor Compliance Program.

NC: Fred Duyck Named Industrial Commission Administrator.

NC: Insurance Commissioner Approves 10.2% Loss Cost Decrease Eff. 4-1-2016.

ND: Governor’s Cybersecurity Task Force Discusses Threats Against State Government.

ND: WSI Restructures, Adds New Functionality to Fee Schedule Section of Website.

OK: NCCI Explains 14.8% Decrease in Loss Cost Filing.

OR: WCD Proposes Changes to Procedural Rules, Rulemaking, Hearings, Attorney Fees.

OR: WCD Posts Quarterly Compensable Fatality Report.

OR: WCD Revises Employer-at-Injury Program Reimbursement Request Form.

OR: WCD Posts 2016 Premium Assessment Rate.

OR: Uber Slams Labor Commissioner’s Ruling on Drivers’ Employment Status.

SC: WCC Approves 30 Applications to Self-Insure.

TX: DWC Adds Fentanyl Transdermal Patches, MS-Contin as “N” Status Drugs.

TX: DWC Announces Non-Substantive Reorganization of Rule 134.204.

TX: Newspaper Reports Prosecutors Generated Revenue, Good PR for Texas Mutual.

WA: L&I to Review Rules on Employer Reports, Payment of Industrial Insurance Premiums.

WI: GOP Lawmakers Proposing Bill to Clamp Down on Employee Workers Comp Benefits.









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