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National and State-by-State Workers' Comp News Powered by Larson's (3/2/2015)

March 02, 2015 (3 min read)

WCRI Study Updates on Rising Hospital Costs in Workers Compensation.

OR WCD Releases Full Report on 2014 WC Premium Rate Ranking.

Study on Opioid Tolerance Could Help Pain Patients Stay on Lower Dosages.

Study: Risk of Unintentional Overdose Twice as High for Long Acting Opioid Users.

Expert Explains Differences Between State and Federal Workers Compensation.

NASI Questions Cost, Quality Advantages of Nonprofit Integrated Health Systems.

ADA, Return to Work Best Practices: Free Webinar March 24.

Safety National, Sedgwick Announce Free Webinar Series on Workers Comp.

AK: Legalization of Marijuana Goes Into Effect Last Week.

AZ: Court Clamps Down on Injured Worker Medical Travel Expenses.

CA: DWC Announces Reduction in IMR/IBR Fees Eff. 1/1/2015.

CA: DWC Invites Public Discussion of Home Health Care Fee Schedule.

CA: Law Firm Claims Opposing Counsel in WC Dispute Hacked Network.

CA: VIAW Files Amicus Supplemental Brief in Support of Petitioner Frances Stevens.

CA: State Fund Board of Directors Declares $37M Policyholder Dividend.

CA: Bill Would Set $12K Annual Salary for WCAB Commissioners.

CA: AB 463 Would Require Prescription Drug Price Transparency.

CA: House Flippers Plead Guilty in Case Related to Tree Trimmer’s Death.

CO: Governor Launches Campaign Against Opioid Abuse.

CO: Medical Marijuana Bill Would Restrict Caregivers Ability to Treat Patients.

CT: WCC Updates Medical Treatment Protocols for Hand, Wrist, Elbow Injuries.

DE: SB 3 Would Legalize Medical Marijuana.

DC: Legalization of Marijuana Goes Into Effect Last Week.

FL: Bill Would Allow Uber, Lyft to Legally Commence Ride-Sharing Operations.

FL: Palm Beach County Sues Safety National for Over $440K in Reimbursements.

GA: House Votes Overwhelmingly to Decriminalize Medical Marijuana.

IL: Governor Appoints Joann Fratianni-Atsaves as Chairman of IWCC.

IL: HB 856 Would Add “Primary Causation” to WC Law to Deter Fraud.

IL: SB 753 Seeks to Legalize Recreational Marijuana.

KY: House Committee Questions HB 156 Firefighter Cancer Presumption.

KY: House Committee OKs Bill to Exempt Some Pastors From Paying WC Insurance.

MA: Two New Members Appointed to Workers Compensation Advisory Council.

MO: House Committee Holds Hearing on Medical Marijuana Bill.

MT: Governor Signs SB 4 Temporary Appointment in Vacancy of Workers Comp Judge.

MT: HB 306 Would Help Protect Women in the Workplace From Violence.

MT: HB 413 Would Transfer Federal OSHA Responsibilities to the State.

NE: Lawmakers Consider Bill Regarding Willful Negligence by Employers.

NH: Lawmakers Review Proposals for WC Medical Fee Schedule Bill.

NJ: Chief Judge Announces Upgrades to Automated Settlement Calculation Program.

NY: WCB Breach of Contract/Indemnification Claims Re Self-Insured Trusts Reinstated.

NC: IC Says New Medical Fee Schedule to Save $27M in Annual WC Costs.

NC: Brunswick School Official Reports 27% of Comp Claims Due to Violence.

NC: IC Announces Chairman’s New Law Clerk.

OH: BWC Approves 10.8 Percent Rate Cut for Private Employers.

OK: Injured Workers’ Petition Lays Out Constitutional Challenges to Opt Outs.

OR: WCD Releases Full Report on 2014 WC Premium Rate Ranking.

OR: WCD Provides Guidance on Claims Closing, Impairment-Focused Exams.

PA: Court to Reconsider Denial of Benefits for Worker Injured in Robbery.

PA: PA Bar Assoc. Marks Centennial of PA Workers’ Compensation Act.

PA: SB 3 Would Legalize Medical Marijuana.

RI: Attorney Suspended for Delaying Workers Comp Proceeding, Among Other Things.

TN: SB 174 Would Make Public Information on Businesses WC Ins. Coverage.

TX: High Court Shields Insurers From Lawsuits by Injured Workers.

UT: Lawmakers Unveil Medical Marijuana Bill.

WV: SB 546 Would Legalize Medical Marijuana.

WI: Insurer Must Pay Maximum Wages in Death of Undocumented Teen Worker.

WY: Senate Gives Initial Approval to Bill to Protect Special Ed Teachers.

WY: Senate Approves Bill to Allow Hemp Extraction Under Medical Supervision.









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