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National and State-by-State Workers' Comp News Powered by Larson's (5/11/2015)

May 11, 2015 (2 min read)

NIOSH, Ohio BWC to Study Impact of Integrating Wellness With OSH Programs.

ACOEM/UL Propose New Framework for Integrating Health/Safety Programs in Workplace.

U.S. Rep. Refiles Bill to Prevent ICD-10 Implementation.

NIOSH Examines Higher Nurse-to-Patient Ratio to Improve Nurse Injury Rates by 1/3.

NY Times Editorial: Policymakers Need to Deal With “Runaway Drug Prices”.

CMS Webinar Explains Applicable Plan Appeals.

States Differ Widely Over Policies on Telemedicine Regulations, Licensing.

CA: OAL Approves DWC Final Copy Service Fee Schedule Rules.

CA: DWC Posts Draft Home Health Care Fee Schedule Rules.

CA: Insurance Commissioner Approves 10.2% Rate Reduction.

CO: SB 269 Independent Contractor Definition Dies in House.

CT: Office of Treasurer Announces No Change to Assessment Rate for Second Injury Fund.

DC: Officials Restore $5.4M to Workers Compensation Funds.

FL: DWC Posts 2nd Notice Re: Revised Reimbursement Rates for ACS.

ID: Advisory Committee Posts Rulemaking Notice for 2016 Legislative Session.

IL: Governor Continues to Push Hard for Workers Comp Reforms

IL: House Committee Holds Rare Hearing on Workers Comp Reform.

IL: John F. Burton, Jr. Testifies About Risks of Governor’s “Major Contributing Cause” Proposal.

IL: Injured Worker Profiled in ProPublica Series Testifies Before House Committee.

IL: AIA Testifies Before House Committee, Urges Reforms for Physician Dispensing, Fee Schedule.

GA: Governor Signs HB 279 Pay Raise for Workers Comp Board Members.

MT: Montana State Fund Lowers Rates for Upcoming Policy Year.

NV: Governor Signs SB 459 PDMP Physician Requirements to Help Prevent Opioid Overdoses.

NY: Assembly Releases Position Paper Opposing WCB’s Proposed Fee Schedule Changes.

NC: WCRI Provides Baseline for Viewing Impact of 2011 Laws, Fee Schedule Changes.

OR: WCD Revises Claim Cost Reimbursement Request Form.

RI: Workers Comp Chief Judge, Workers Comp Judge to Retire This Summer.

RI: US DOL, RI DOL Sign Agreement to Protect Misclassified Workers.

SC: SB 674 Would Create Opt Out to Workers Compensation System.

SC: WCC Chairman Seeks More Answers From ARAWC About How Opt Out Will Work.

TN: Governor Signs SB 171 Prohibition for Charging Premium for Independent Contractors.

TN: Governor Signs SB 174 Public Record of WC Policy Information.

TX: DWC Issues Reminder Re: Initiation of Lifetime Income Benefits.

UT: Workers Compensation Fund Announces $12M Dividend.

WA: Governor Signs HB 1496 Voc Rehab Plan to Help Injured Workers Find Jobs.









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