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National and State-by-State Workers' Comp News Powered by Larson's (5/26/2015)

May 26, 2015 (4 min read)

NCCI Symposium Reports First Responder Bills Top List of 2015 Legislation.

NCCI Symposium: Dr. Victor Shares Insights on Physician Dispensing.

NCCI Symposium: CWCI Shares Insights on Calif. Medical Dispute Resolution.

NCCI Symposium: Moody’s Presents U.S. Macro Outlook.

NCCI Symposium: Dr. Hartwig Presents On-Demand Economy Implications for Comp.

NCCI Symposium: Expert Discusses Impact of New Technologies on Society.

NCCI Symposium Examines Impact of Workers Comp Rx Fee Schedules.

Workers Comp Indemnity Payments Could Be Costing Payers More Than Necessary.

House Subcommittee Hears Testimony for US DOL Proposal to Cut FECA Benefits.

Democrats Respond to US DOL’s Proposal to Cut FECA Benefits.

NIOSH Free Online Course: Strategies for Nurses Working Shift Work, Long Work Hours.

ABC News 20/20 Spotlights How Workers Comp Fraud Investigators Catch Fraudsters.

DEA’s “Operation Pilluted” Cracks Down on Pill Mills in Four Southern States.

Silicon Valley Exec Says Robots to Take Over Many Service Sector Jobs by 2033.

NPR Interviews Silicon Valley Exec on Robots and Our Jobless Future.

ALEC Releases 2015 Rich States Poor State Economic Outlook Survey.

AL: DEA’s “Operation Pilluted” Cracks Down on Pill Mills in Alabama.

AR: DEA’s “Operation Pilluted” Cracks Down on Pill Mills in Arkansas.

CA: Governor Reappoints Deidra Lowe as WCAB Commissioner.

CA: Governor Appoints Jose Razo as WCAB Commissioner.

CA: Governor Appoints 3 Justices to 2nd District Court of Appeal.

CA: DWC to Hold Hearing to Revise Hospital Outpatient Depts./ASCs Fee Schedule.

CA: DWC Drafts Rules for Transition of DWC Regs, Forms to ICD-10.

CA: Drobot, SCIF Complaints Reveal Depth of Medical Fraud Alleged in RICO Action.

CA: CHSWC June 4 Meeting to Discuss Medical Access, Electronic Reporting.

CA: WCIRB C&R to Review Proposed Changes to Recording, Reporting of Data Rules.

CA: Fresno County Claims Inmates Injured in Pipeline Explosion Covered by Work Comp.

CA: California Drops to 44th Place in 2015 Rich State Poor States Economic Outlook.

CA: DIR, CDPH Awarded NIOSH Grant for Workplace Injury & Illness Data Project.

CT: Senate Passes SB 593 First Responder PTSD Expansion of WC Coverage.

ID: Idaho Insurance Fund Begins $35M Pay Out for Settlement in Dividend Lawsuit.

IL: House Dems Vote Down 3 Amendments in Governor’s Workers Comp Proposal.

IL: House Dems Adopt Amendment for Establishing Process for Workers Comp Rates.

IL: Bill to Extend Medical Marijuana Program by Two Years Sent to Governor.

IL: Bill to Decriminalize Possession of Small Amounts of Marijuana Sent to Governor.

KS: Court Extends Firefighters Rule to Bar Tort Recovery by Law Enforcement Officer.

KS: Dept of Labor Posts Latest Maximum/Minimum Benefit Changes.

LA: WCRI Finds Little Change in Costs Per WC Claim Following Several Years of Growth.

LA: DEA’s “Operation Pilluted” Cracks Down on Pill Mills in Louisiana.

LA: Senate Comm. OKs Bill Reducing Penalties for Possessing Small Amounts of Marijuana.

ME: Workers Comp, MEMIC Help Injured Worker Go Bionic With i-Limb App.

MD: Health Dept. Reports 21 Percent Jump in Fatal Drug Overdoses.

MA: Health Care Services Board to Discuss Latest Draft of Opioid Protocol at 5/30 Meeting.

MA: Mass. Medical Society Issues Opioid Prescribing Guidelines for Physicians.

MN: Governor Signs HF 2193 DRG Fee Schedule, eBilling.

MN: Omnibus Jobs Bill With Work Comp Cost Savings Reform Becomes Political Football.

MN: Governor Vetoes Bill to Fund the Workers’ Compensation Court of Appeals.

MS: DEA’s “Operation Pilluted” Cracks Down on Pill Mills in Mississippi.

NE: Senate Passes Bill to Conduct Study on Cannabis for Seizure Sufferers.

NM: Governor Appoints New Deputy Director for WCA.

NY: Governor Introduces Legislation and Plan to Protect, Educate Nail Salon Workers.

NY: New York Ranked Worst State in 2015 Rich States Poor States Economic Outlook.

OH: BWC Says Drug Formulary Driving Decline in Opioid Prescriptions.

OH: BWC Reminds Employers to Take Action to Receive $1.2B Workers Comp Credit.

OH: Attorney General Rejects Third Petition to Legalize Marijuana.

OR: Governor Signs SB 371 Beneficiaries’ Request to Reconsider Claim Closure.

OR: WCD Updates Benefit Rates Based on Annual Average Weekly Wage for 2014.

OR: WCD Updates TD/PPD Calculators With New SAWW.

OR: WCD Updates Maximum Attorney Fees.

SC: Lawmakers File HB 4197 Opt Out Modeled After Oklahoma Opt Out System.

TN: High Court to Hear Oral Arguments: Job Applicant Comp Claim Failure to Hire.

TX: Judge Might Sanction Hospital for Withholding Documents in Ebola Nurse Lawsuit.

TX: DWC Proposes Changes to DWC Form-048 Request for Travel Reimbursement.

TX: WCRI Study Finds Slow Growth in Texas Workers Comp Claims.

TX: Medical Marijuana Seizure Sufferers Bill Sent to Governor.

TX: DWC Announces Recent Enforcement Actions.

UT: Utah Ranked #1 in 2015 Rich States Poor States Economic Outlook.

VA: WCC Warns of Critical WebFile Update Requiring Username Starting 6/26/2015.









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