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National and State-by-State Workers' Comp News Powered by Larson's (7/11/2016)

July 11, 2016 (1 min read)







Comp Insurance Profitable, At Least For the Moment.

CA: DWC Posts Interim Report on Evidence-Based Comp Drug Formulary.

CA: WCIRB Submits 1/1/2017 Regulatory Filing.

CA: WCIRB Releases Report on 2015 Losses and Expenses.

CA: Settlement May Net Lyft Drivers $27 Million.

FL: NCCI Recommends Rate Hike After High Court Rulings.

HI: DILR Must Get Audited Study of Closed Claims.

HI: New Law Allows Electronic Submission of Treatment Plans.

MA: Department Releases Opioid/Controlled Substance Protocol.

MI: Report Questions Whether MIOSHA and Comp Benefits Are Sufficient.

MO: Divided Supreme Court Awards $138K in Meds for Hypertensive Event.

MO: Prankster Denied Comp Benefits.

NJ: Chief Comp Judge Names Certified Court Reporters For Comp Courts.

NY: Board Announces New Maximum Weekly Benefit Rates.

NY: Governor Appoints New Chair, 6 New Comp Commissioners to Board.

ND: Legislature Hears Testimony Critical of State’s Comp Program.

SD: Passage of Bill 1084 Changes AWW Rules for Concurrent Employment.

TX: Memo Warns Attorneys About Ex Parte Communication With DWC Staff.

TX: Medical, Dental Fee Guidelines in Comp Cases Modified.

WA: L&I Releases Extensive Reports on Operations and Claims Resolution.









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