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National and State-by-State Workers' Comp News Powered by Larson's (8/31/2015)

August 31, 2015 (2 min read)

NCCI Posts New Release of Proof of Coverage State Guide.

ProPublica Partners With Beacon Crowdfunding Site to Generate Work Comp News.

10th Circuit Overturns $3.5M Verdict in Alleged Construction Machine Defect Case.

NRLB Redefines Joint Employer Status in Temporary Agency Case.

5th Circuit Adopts Test for Staffing Company Liability for Joint Employer’s Discriminatory Conduct.

NIOSH Explores Overlapping Vulnerabilities of Workers at Risk of Injury.

ACOEM: Job Strain Connected With Increased Sick Leave for Mental Disorders.

AZ: ICA Claims Division Revised Internal AMW Procedure Eff. 8-24-2015.

CA: WCIRB Releases Report on Q1 2015 Data.

CA: WCIRB Posts Agenda for 9-2-2015 Actuarial Committee Meeting.

CA: OAL Approves DWC Final Qualified Medical Evaluator Regulations.

CA: Governor Vetoes AB 1451 Extending Paid Leave for Certain Lifeguards.

FL: DWC Posts Conference Materials on Legislation, Audits, Medical Services, EDI.

IL: Governor Appoints Douglas S. Steffenson as Arbitrator for IWCC.

IL: Governor Reappoints 10 Arbitrators for IWCC.

IL: Medical Fee Advisory Board Meeting Rescheduled for 9-3-2015.

KS: KDOL Secretary Approves Steven Roth as Administrative Law Judge.

KS: High Court: Lawsuit Against State for Transferring Funds to General Fund Can Proceed.

MD: WCC Proposes Allowing Claimant to Cure Improperly Submitted Claim (p.51 of PDF).

NJ: NJCRIB to Unveil New Electronic System to Submit Applications for Coverage.

NJ: DWC Updates Claim Petitions, Re-Opener, Medical Provider Application Forms.

NM: WCA to Hold Annual Settlement Week Oct. 26-30, 2015.

NY: WCB Changes Rate of Reimbursement to IWs for Travel by Automobile.

NY: WCB Issues Request Re: Measuring, Monitoring Payor Performance Penalty Notices.

OH: BWC Proposes 9 Percent Cut in Local Government Rates.

OH: High Court to Hear Subcontractor Immunity Case.

OR: WCD Updates Guidance on Employer-Paid Medical Reimbursement Claim Costs.

OR: WCD Updates 2014 Workers Comp Average Claim Costs Tables.

OR: DCBS Posts Latest 2014 Claims Characteristics Tables.

SC: WCC to Adopt 2015 ICD-10 Conversion Effective 10-1-2015.

TX: Dept. of Insurance Summarizes P&C Legislation Enacted in 2015.

TX: DWC Rule Changes for Medical Services, Charges, Payments Eff. 9-1-2015.

VT: Lawmakers Press Dept. of Labor to Classify Uber Drivers as Employees.

WV: NCCI Explains 11.1 Percent Decrease in Proposed Loss Cost Filing.









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