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National and State-by-State Workers' Comp News Powered by Larson's (9/28/2015)

September 28, 2015 (2 min read)



OSHA Extends Comment Period for Proposed Rule on Employer Record Keeping.

NIOSH Posts 2014 Mid-Year Worker Fatality Report for Oil and Gas Industry.

AFL-CIO Releases 2015 Edition of Death on the Job: The Toll of Neglect.

Museum of Tort Law, Which Includes Workers Comp Exhibit, Now Open to Public.

CA: DWC Posts Approved Rules Re: Transition of Rules, Forms to ICD-10.

CA: Ins. Commissioner Issues Ruling on WCIRB’s 1/1/2016 Regulatory Filing.

CA: WCIRB Testifies at Pure Premium Rate Hearing.

CA: WCIRB Says 2016 X-Mods in WCIRB Connect Now Available.

CA: SCIF Hires Chief Claims Operations Officer.

CA: Flywheel Taxi Files Lawsuit Against PUC Over Regulation of Uber, Lyft.

HI: NCCI Explains 1.4 Percent Increase in Loss Cost Filing.

MA: Bill Seeks to Remove Loophole for Retirees Receiving Permanent & Total Benefits.

MI: House Committee Pushes Through 3 Bills to Make Over Medical Marijuana Program.

MT: DLI Posts Draft of Rules on Reopening of Terminated Medical Benefits.

NV: DIR to Hold Workshop Oct. 6 on Proposed Changes to Medical Fee Schedule.

NV: DIR to Hold Workshop Oct. 6 on Proposed Changes to Lump Sum Payments.

NJ: Appellate Court Refines Rules on Workers Comp Lien Rights.

NJ: LWD Posts Updated Insurance Carrier/Self-Insurer Contact List.

NM: WCA Posts Payment of Claims Rules Eff. 10-1-2015.

NM: WCA Posts Claims Resolution Rules Eff. 10-1-2015.

NM: WCA Posts Payment for Health Care Services Rules Eff. 10-1-2015.

NM: WCA Posts Individual Self-Insurance Rules Eff. 10-1-2015.

NM: WCA Posts Group Self-Insurance Rules Eff. 10-1-2015.

NM: WCA Posts Response to Public Comment on Proposed Rulemaking.

NY: NYSIF Reduces Loss Cost Multiplier.

OH: BWC Announces 9% Workers Comp Rate Drop for Ohio Local Government.

OK: AG Says WCC Can Engage in Confidential Deliberations for Cases.

OR: WCD Revises Form 3227, Clarifies Definition of Invasive Procedures.

OR: WCD Revises Elective Surgery Notification Form.

OR: Advisory Comm. Suggests Rule Changes to Implement HB 2764 Attorney’s Fees.

SC: WCC Approves 30 Applications to Self-Insure.

SC: Senate Subcommittee Approves Medical Marijuana Bill.

TN: NCCI Explains 0.9 Percent Decrease in Loss Cost Filing.

TX: DWC Posts Weekly Benefit Rates for 10/1/2015-9/30/2016.

VA: WCC Accepting Public Comments for Proposed Rule Defining Medical Communities.

WA: L&I Announces 2 Percent Increase in Workers Comp Rates.

WV: Ins. Commissioner Posts WC Assigned Risk Rates by Class Eff. 11/1/2015.

WV: Ins. Commissioner Posts WC Loss Cost by Class Eff. 11/1/2015.









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