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WCAB Lacked Jurisdiction for Out of State Injury When Contract of Hire Occurred in Georgia: Cal. Comp. Cases May Advanced Postings (5/18/2016)

May 18, 2016 (1 min read)

Here’s the latest batch of advanced postings for the May 2016 issue of Cal. Comp. Cases. and Lexis Advance subscribers can link to the case to read the complete headnotes and summaries.

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Ramonda Walker, Petitioner v. Workers' Compensation Appeals Board, Petrochem Insulation, Inc., Ace American Insurance Company, Respondents,, Lexis Advance

WCAB Jurisdiction—Employment Relationships—Contract for Hire—WCAB affirmed WCJ’s finding that WCAB did not have jurisdiction over applicant asbestos mechanic’s claim for 8/8/2014 industrial injury that occurred in Utah, even though applicant belonged to California-based union and claimed that employer’s headquarters was located in California, when WCAB found that, because applicant never worked in State of California, California jurisdiction over applicant’s industrial injury claim pursuant to Labor Code § 5305 could be established only by showing that applicant’s employment contract was made in California, that, based on laws of contract formation, employment contract is formed at…

San Diego Imaging, Inc., dba California Imaging Solutions, Petitioner v. Workers' Compensation Appeals Board, Cuyamaca Construction, Inc., State Compensation Insurance Fund, Michael Hill, Respondents,, Lexis Advance

Petitions for Reconsideration—Dismissal—Lack of Verification—WCAB dismissed petition for reconsideration because it was not verified as required by Labor Code § 5902, when WCAB found that…