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APRA Prospect Development 2022 Post-Conference Thoughts

August 23, 2022

What a thrill for our team to participate in APRA Prospect Development 2022 in Atlanta, GA. We thoroughly enjoyed talking to everyone who stopped by the LexisNexis® lounge to learn more about how to find high-potential donors.

Special thanks to two of our amazing customers Emily and Tabitha for taking the time to answer a few of our questions!

We asked: 

What is one “A-ha moment” you have experienced using LexisNexis®?

“The Dossier feature and being able to search for companies and executives within the companies.”

What are the challenges you face when researching donors?

“It’s so hard sometimes to find all the information in one place. It’s constantly going to all these other venues and so I feel like LexisNexis is nice because a lot of it is all together. So it saves you so much time and energy because sometimes there’s so much information, sometimes there’s not anything, and so you’re like if Lexis doesn’t have it, they just don’t exist!”

Watch their full responses below!

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