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What’s the Biggest Advantage of the LexisNexis® Customer Success Team?

October 27, 2022 (2 min read)

When it comes to the LexisNexis Customer Success Team, supporting customers is their number one priority. This takes form in a variety of ways that include training individual users so they can get the most out of their LexisNexis solutions, troubleshooting potential issues, providing ongoing support, and sharing their knowledge and awareness of product enhancements and new content. 

The Customer Success Team recognizes that every scenario presents different challenges, and that there is no “one size fits all” solution. The team works diligently to answer the pressing questions they encounter every day, all while building trust with their customers. 

For the Customer Success Team at LexisNexis, customer satisfaction is the goal. That’s why the team is staffed with dedicated individuals and structured to deliver benefits to LexisNexis customers that go beyond technical and account support. 

But the benefits of the LexisNexis Customer Success Team are made possible thanks to one major advantage: The people. 

The team’s wealth of diverse knowledge and expertise 

The people that make up the Customer Success Team bring vast amounts of varied knowledge and unique experiences to the table. Because of this, the team is well-equipped to handle any issue that might arise because they have been exceptionally trained and have had many years of experience in what they do. 

The Customer Success Team has both the industry and technology expertise to provide outstanding, tailored support to customers. In turn, issues are resolved more effectively and efficiently—and customers can achieve success in their analytics and research efforts faster. 

And thanks to the longevity of our team members, they develop in-depth expertise and insight into our clients’ innerworkings, people and challenges. Often, this means that a Customer Success Team member can even help onboard a client’s new hires! 

Fostering personal relationships to find success 

Members of the Customer Success Team strive to be trusted advisors for each client. Growing the kind of trust necessary to become those advisors includes working hand and hand with a client to keep them informed of new product developments and content, as well as to identify problems and propose potential solutions.  

Because of this close-knit working relationship, the Customer Success Team can cultivate the kinds of personal relationships within a professional culture that results in clients getting the most out of their content investments. 

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