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It’s the Season of Giving. And Research Can Help.

December 06, 2021 (3 min read)

As we enter the last part of the year, much of the world prepares for a wide range of secular and religious celebrations, including, but not limited to: Hanukkah, Kwanza, Christmas and, of course, New Year’s. Many of these celebrations include gift giving—and receiving—which will feel particularly good this year considering the burden that the COVID pandemic has placed upon so many. With this in mind, we decided to have a little fun and explore what sort of gifting insights and ideas the rich content of Nexis® had to offer. Here’s hoping you find some inspiration in what we found.

Looking for that Perfect Idea?

Finding the ideal gift that really wows is no easy task. But it can help to review those curated lists of what someone believes to be the perfect solution to your gift-giving dilemma. We uncovered lots of such lists, including these for kids, for sisters, for grandmas, for techies, for book lovers, for teachers, for foodies, for runners, for pets, for those hard to buy for and for those who say they want nothing at all. We can’t, of course, vouch for any of these products, but seeing so many lists—and there’s plenty more to be found on Nexis—made us smile and think: If only there were a list of gift ideas for those who have reviewed every list of gift ideas and still don’t know what to give.

Can’t Afford to Gift Someone a Car or Home? (Well, Perhaps You Can)

Who among us hasn’t wished that we could give a loved one a luxury vacation, brand new car or other over-the-top gift? Of course, most of us are a long, long way from affording such a gesture. However, did you know that you can give a loved one a chance to win such an amazing gift? Our Nexis search led us to a news story about Omaze, an online site where you can take a chance on winning a luxury item—and help a charity along the way. Sounds to us a like a win-win!

Stuck in a Crypto Bind?

Perhaps you know exactly what gift you’d like to purchase for someone special, but all you have is cryptocurrency and the gift is only sold by a retailer that doesn’t accept it. Well, fear not! Within the Nexis news release sources, we came across Gift Chill, where you can convert your cryptocurrency into gift cards that retailers are more than happy to accept. If you’re in a crypto bind, it may be the key to your release.

Have an Executive on Your List?

If you were fortunate enough to see an investment of yours really pay off this past year, perhaps you’d like to send a gift, or at least well wishes, to the executive in charge. With Nexis, you can find contact information for, and biographical data on, all the top executives from around the world. Whether you’re looking for Tesla founder, Elon Musk, Abena Osei-Poku, the managing director at Absa Bank Ghana Ltd, or another corporate leader, Nexis will lead you quickly to a snail mail or email address to share your year-end message of gratitude.  

Interested in a Different Gifting Approach?

We know that gifting can come with certain stresses, especially as it pertains to how much to spend. Of course, we shouldn’t stress so much as the real value is not in the cost but in its meaning, right?

This led our Nexis search to this heartwarming story about a New Zealand man who, as a gift to an organization that supports children with cerebral palsy, is running the entire length of his country and raising money along the way. Of course, not everyone can pull off a super-human feat like that, but we mere mortals can still purchase gifts that support good causes.

Lastly, we came upon this interesting essay in the international edition of The New York Times about the beauty of gifting secondhand items. It’s a nice reminder to us all that the real beauty of gift-giving is found within the gesture itself.

Whatever special occasions you celebrate, we at Nexis hope that they are filled with warmth and good cheer. And, yes, perhaps a nice gift or two.