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4 Ways to Take Advantage of Our APIs for Fast Access to Curated, Relevant Datasets

April 09, 2021

APIs are all about access—and we provide multiple API options that allow you to embed the same high-quality data that legal and business professionals have relied on for more than 45 years. With Nexis Data as a Service (DaaS), you can use any one of our APIs to access enriched, normalized data that’s been curated to meet your exact needs. All the while, you maintain complete control over how that data is searched, delivered, and maintained. 

Nexis DaaS offers three flexible APIs for data delivery: 

Bulk delivery  

Nexis DaaS delivers semi-structured news, legal, and regulatory content that spans over 30 years. Bulk delivery is perfect for pulling in large volumes of content for projects that involve historical analysis or predictive modeling. 

Search and retrieve APIs 

A search and retrieve API grants you access to a variety of datasets—but goes the extra mile to empower you and your applications with search and retrieve functionality. Additionally, a search and retrieve API gives you post-search filters, meaning you can further refine your already-curated results. 

Custom Data Feed 

custom data feed is great for the ongoing monitoring of pertinent subjects, topics or entities. Whenever updates are made to a source—such as existing data being tweaked or new data being added—a custom data feed is able to push through updates and alerts relevant to your use case. This means your data is always up to date and accurate. 

Our APIs and delivery options make it incredibly easy to integrate curated, enriched data into your analytics, applications, and workflows. This ability to feed clean, normalized data directly to where it’s needed has several benefits, many of which depend on your specific use case. Here are just four of the ways you can take advantage of our APIs for fast access to relevant data. 

Use case #1: Enhance AI and/or machine learning applications 

You can use our APIs to gain access to alternative data sources. By expanding the datasets your AI and machine learning applications use to function and make predictions, they can quickly bring actionable information to the surface and trigger data-driven events faster. 

Use case #2: Deliver a large volume of content for historical analysis or predictive modeling 

When it comes specifically to bulk delivery APIs, they enable on-premises access to semi-structured data that’s ready for immediate use. There’s no need for data wrangling, so your teams can get straight to work on their analytics and modeling tasks. 

Use case #3: Retrieve data on demand within your own interface 

Our APIs give you the capability to intuitively search for data and refine your search results within your own applications and workflows. In other words, you can access and explore our unmatched universe of content on demand, all in one place. 

Use case #4: Engage in ongoing monitoring for proactive risk management 

You can use our APIs to monitor specific datasets with critical information. For example, you might want to monitor Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) watchlists, or you might want to be alerted to the latest developments in the news regarding current issues relevant to your business. The APIs in Nexis DaaS alert you to any updates that impact your organization, so that your team can take immediate action where necessary. 

Whatever your business or research goals are, the APIs and platforms available with Nexis DaaS ensure you get access to relevant, high-quality data, delivered in the exact way you need it. You can learn more about our APIs and how they let you integrate smart data into your analytics and applications here.