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Activate Your Business Research: How Nexis® Newsletter + Nexis® Reader Helps You Put Relevant Info in the Right Hands

February 26, 2021

Information is power. It’s a familiar refrain, but as Daniel Burrus, best-selling author and expert on disruptive innovation, writes, "Information is power only if you can take action with it." And when it comes to business research, that means delivering timely, relevant information to key decision makers across the organization to activate real benefits:

  • Encourage more cross-team collaboration
  • Improve market responsiveness with insights into industry/consumer trends
  • Foster innovation and product development
  • Builds expertise across teams
  • Empower decision makers to fuel business success

Do your current information sharing efforts hit the mark?

Tell a more complete story with your business research

Alerts are great for in the moment awareness, but when you want to give colleagues or clients more context around a topic of interest, one-off Alerts can fall short.

The new Nexis® Newsletter functionality lets you quickly populate a newsletter template, directly from your search results page. By curating a collection of articles in one place, you make it easier for recipients to activate the power of information.

How does it work? It starts with the powerful Nexis research platform, combined with two types of User IDs.

  • Nexis User IDs A must-have for information professionals tasked with conducting research and disseminating insights, Nexis User IDs provide access to our world-leading content universe and full complement of search, filtering and sharing capabilities.
  • Nexis® Reader IDsIdeal for your wider audience, Nexis Reader IDs cannot run searches but can receive and read full-text articles sent by a Nexis User. The Nexis Reader subscription helps ensure critical information gets to the right people, whether you share that information via an Alert, Folder or Newsletter.

As a Nexis User, you simply enter search parameters or select a saved search, then run the search. Sharing options include creating an Alert, sharing annotated documents in Folders for collaboration, or creating a Newsletter.

Once you click on the Create Newsletter button, you can quickly scan through search results and select articles to add by clicking the icon or dragging and dropping the article onto the newsletter template. Create a list of recipients who have Nexis User IDs or Nexis Reader IDs and send.

It’s a streamlined process for delivering valuable news, market reports, company profiles and other relevant information—where and when its needed—to inform the strategies that fuel your company’s success.

Plus, you get the added confidence of knowing that you are staying copyright compliant when sharing this critical content to Nexis readers because we maintain the appropriate licensing arrangements with content providers worldwide.

See how the twin powers of Nexis Newsletter + Nexis Reader can help you activate the power information across your organization in this short Nexis Newsletter video.