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How to Choose a Press Release Distribution Tool

March 07, 2022 (5 min read)

On the market for a press release distribution tool? It’s a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s because not all press release distribution platforms are the same. Not by a long shot. Some offerings stick to the “pull” model (i.e., the status quo) when it comes to trying to get your press releases into the right hands. But while this model can be effective, there are many data- and tech-enabled advancements in press release distribution strategies that work harder—and, yes, smarter to ensure that more of the right people see your press release. 

So, whether you’re underwhelmed with your current press release distribution tool or even flat-out frustrated with its lack of functionality (like reporting, which we’ll touch on in a bit), here are the 4 considerations to make when choosing your next press release distribution solution.

Consideration #1: How does the press release distribution tool work to increase the reach of your company’s news and announcements?

When you start kicking the tires on a potential press release distribution solution, ask yourself: “Does this offering work any differently than the one I’m currently using?” As noted above, most tools rely solely on the “pull” distribution model. This means that they put your press releases on website subdomains where traffic is minimal. To ditch one solution that heavily relies on this method for another is at best a lateral move and at worst a step back entirely.

Instead, look for a solution that employs a “push” distribution model. Unlike the “pull” model, this method puts your press releases on high-traffic sites frequently visited by your audience. In other words, your press release is highly visible to the right people, its reach is amplified, and its impact is multiplied.

Consideration #2: Can this press release distribution tool help me better target the right audience at the right time?

The industry-standard “shotgun” approach to press release distribution can also be compared to casting a wide net in the ocean. Only you have very little, if any, say in where and when that net is thrown. Also, the net barely scratches the surface, far from reaching the journalists and publishers who can really help spread your news and announcements. Does the press release distribution tool you’re considering give you the ability to reach your target audience at exactly the right time? If not, then it’s definitely time to look elsewhere.

Your distribution strategy should be empowered by a tool that drives targeted traffic to your press releases, providing the capability to target your audience by location as well as by demographic factors such as age and gender.

Consideration #3: How easy is it to use this press releases distribution tool?

A lack of functionality doesn’t make a press release distribution tool necessarily easy to use. And you shouldn’t have to sacrifice having a feature-rich platform for an allegedly “streamlined” solution that’s in actuality short on capabilities. Check to see what kinds of customization options a potential press release distribution tool has. You’ll be surprised at just how many offerings out there limit your formatting options and the ability to embed multimedia.

What’s worse is the fact that many of these same offerings, while short on features, ironically make drafting and distributing a press release a time-consuming and tedious process.

The reality is you can most definitely have a press release distribution tool that is both feature-rich, comes with plenty of customization options, and streamlines distribution quickly, intuitively, and efficiently.

Consideration #4: Can this press release distribution tool show me actual views?

Why stop at tracking the potential reach of your press releases when you can see and report on actual views? After all, you need to know the real impact of your press releases for measuring your ROI as well as analyzing what’s working and where you need to adjust.

Any tool that hasn’t evolved beyond the industry norm of only tracking potential reach is, well, not living up to the full potential of what a press release distribution tool can do.

Consider a more efficient, practical approach to press release distribution

Nexis Newswire is a press release distribution platform that gives your PR and communications teams the benefits of both the “pull” and “push” distribution strategies. Powered by Google, Newswire is one of the only services to drive targeted traffic to your press releases through an ad-based model. With it, your organization can:

Amplify the reach of its press releases

Take advantage of Newswire’s ability to drive audiences to your releases via targeted Google Ads. Choose up to five premium websites from any of the 11 million websites in the Google Ads network where your ads will live, an industry exclusive. You also have your choice of up to five premium sites where your release will be published in its entirety.

Reach the right audience at the right time

Feel confident that your press releases are being seen by all the right people, with Newswire’s unparalleled targeting capabilities. While still utilizing the “shotgun” approach, Newswire also pushes your press releases deeper and with greater precision. In other words, you’re not waiting for your target audience to come to your net; your net is going to them. This not only means publishing a press release and using paid Google Ads to drive to it on five sites of your choice. It also means targeting your audience based on any country, state, city, zip, or postal code worldwide, as well as multiple regional and global markets. You can also target your audience based on a range of demographics.

Intuitively distribute customized press releases

Nexis Newswire is a feature-rich platform with a streamlined and easy-to-use interface. You can customize, embed media, and distribute your press release in just five simple steps. So, you can quickly and efficiently go from drafting to distribution with a press release you created on your terms, not those set by a template.

Quickly track and report on the success of its press releases

Newswire tracks the actual views and clicks of your press releases, so you know exactly how they’re performing and can better assess your ROI. Ad-driven report analytics within Newswire give you an accurate look into a press release’s performance 24 hours after distribution, with a final report after 7 days. You also get a report on how well a press release is getting picked up on social channels.

Make sure you invest in the right press releases distribution tool

Keep these 4 considerations in mind whenever you find a potential press release distribution solution. They can help you make a wise choice—and avoid a tool that delivers only more of the same limited functionality that you’re facing with your current tool.

Learn more about Nexis Newswire.