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4 Ways to Increase Your Press Release Traffic

July 09, 2021

PR professionals are charged with increasing their company’s brand awareness, spreading the word regarding its latest news, and improving or maintaining its overall reputation. Doing so means PR professionals need to get press releases in front of as many targeted audience members as possible—and at just the right time. But that’s easier said than done. 

Press releases are far too often buried on subdomains of third-party sites, where traffic is minimal. Meanwhile, the industry standard “shot gun” tactic might land a press release on a lot of people’s radars, but you have no way of knowing how many of those people make up your intended audience. You also have little to no control over when a press release is seen. And other hurdles, such as language barriers, can keep international audiences at arm’s length. 

We’ve been working on something to help you not only drive global traffic to your press releases, but to also help you reach more of your targeted audience at the most opportune moment possible. We call it Nexis Newswire, and it’s one of the only press release newswires in the industry using paid advertising to drive traffic to—and amplify the reach of—your press releases. 

Nexis Newswire has the capabilities to help you make a bigger splash with your press releases in four critical ways, which we’ll talk about in this blog post! 

Keep scrolling to learn about the four ways you can increase meaningful traffic to your press releases. Then, learn about the features of Nexis Newswire that make it all possible. 

Amplify reach with “push technology”

The current industry standard for distributing press releases is through passive “pull technology,” which involves posting press releases on website subdomains. As we noted earlier, these subdomains get little traffic, and your audience must take the initiative in tracking a press release down. So, somewhat ironically, if your audience doesn’t know about a recent announcement to begin with, they’re less likely to find the press release. 

Instead, Nexis Newswire takes advantage of “push technology,” a much more active approach that uses paid banner ads on premium sites. As the issuer of the press release, you pick the sites where the banner ads will appear, meaning you can choose to display banner ads in the places most frequented by your audience. 

Target your audience based on geographic and demographic factors

Aggressively pushing a press release across as many platforms and sites as possible is the aforementioned “shot gun” approach, which casts a wide net—but offers nothing in the way of targeting capabilities. So, how can you be sure you’re even effectively reaching your target audience? The answer: You can’t. 

Nexis Newswire delivers unparalleled targeting capabilities, backed by its ad-based distribution model, enabling you to target multiple US and international audiences based on country, state, and zip or postal code.  

Efficiently translate press releases into any number of different languages

According to Google, 50% of global searching is done in languages other than English. In other words, if you want to reach a global audience, then you need an efficiently, streamlined way to quickly translate your press release into multiple languages. 

Nexis Newswire uses Google’s AI-based translation service to translate your press releases into eight languages, automatically. This is an industry exclusive, and it gives your press releases far greater global and multicultural reach than if they were only available in English. You also achieve international awareness much sooner. When you distribute a press release via Newswire’s ad-based model, the ads and the press release itself are translated into: 

  • Spanish 
  • Portuguese 
  • French 
  • German 
  • Russian 
  • Korean 
  • Chinese 
  • Japanese 

Quickly track and report on the success of your press releases

If you hope to build a more effective press release strategy, your first step is to understand how your current press release strategy is performing. Unfortunately, most reporting tools only offer performance data after 48 hours of a press release’s distribution. And even then, that data is decidedly flat; typically, the data available on a press release’s performance only tracks opportunities as opposed to actual opens.  

Nexis Newswire offers accurate reports built on in-depth analytics and details on views and clicks. Additionally, reports are available within 24 hours, with a final report available in seven days. This means you can track opens (and not just opportunities) to see reach and more accurately report on your press release’s ROI. 


If you can increase traffic to your press releases using these four methods, then you’ll gain the confidence of knowing that your press releases are reaching the intended audience, at the right time and in greater numbers.  

Learn more about what’s possible with Nexis Newswire—and how it can maximize the reach of your press releases.