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6 Ways Corporate Data as a Service Can Improve CRM Hygiene and Business Insights

May 05, 2021

Your business relies on data for pretty much everything—from researching potential new opportunities to ensuring compliance. In other words, your entire operation hinges on data, which is why the type of data you’re using, the quality of that data, and how up to date that data is remains forever linked to the success and long-term sustainability of your company. 

Nexis Data as a Service (DaaS) provides access to focused, complementary corporate data  that supplements and validates the data you’re currently using. Through a flexible, easy-to-integrate API or portal, you can consume data from an unmatched collection of multiple licensed and trusted content sources. No more surfacing and combing through irrelevant information. Instead, you have an immediate and refined view of curated, corporate data ready for use. 

Our data can help you learn more about your competitors, partners, and current or potential customers. In fact, as far as other corporate entities are concerned, Nexis DaaS gives you greater insight into the parent and subsidiary relationships by utilizing corporate hierarchy data, such as: 

  • North American Industrial Classification (NAICS) and Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) data 
  • Sales and revenue data 
  • Brand and trade name information 
  • Ultimate parent, parent and subsidiary corporate hierarchy information 
  • Joint venture and affiliates data 
  • Divisions, units, factories, and plants data 
  • Branches, groups, and holdings information 
  • Non-operating entities (shells) filings 

Let’s take an up-close look at the benefits of our corporate data. Here are six ways you can use Nexis DaaS for faster decision making and improving business operations. 

#1: Uncover actionable competitive intelligence 

With access to in-depth corporate data from Nexis DaaS, you can quickly and easily identify your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses with built-in SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analyses. These reports are built on curated, timely, and relevant data, so you can take greater confidence in the insights you yield from them. You’ll know greater details surrounding your competitors’ most vulnerable points, as well as whatever opportunities they’re currently exploring. 

#2: Review revealing company profiles 

Create custom company reports on prospective clients or competitors that include highly detailed information regarding an entity’s financial health and more. Nexis DaaS lets you build company profiles that go beyond surface-level descriptors, so that you gain greater insight into a company’s inner workings. 

#3: Monitor mergers and acquisitions 

Use fast access to up-to-date information regarding any mergers and acquisitions happening throughout your industry. You’ll know the latest developments the second they unfold—from the initial announcement of a merger or buyout to any post-merger reconciliations. 

#4: Gain access to company financials 

Nexis DaaS compiles and grants access to company balance sheets, income statements, sales, assets, and liabilities on more than 200 million global and private companies. This data can be incorporated into any custom report you need to create, so that you can better evaluate the competitive landscape or current market performance. 

#5: Create prospecting lists in a few clicks 

Your sales teams can access information on 75 million executives from one platform. Sales members can generate a prospect list based on a wide range of criteria that includes industry, sales revenue, number of employees, and more.  

Additionally, you can use the corporate data from Nexis DaaS for CRM hygiene. Your current and prospective client lists will always be up to date with the latest information—while incorrect and redundant sales lead information is removed. 

#6: Conduct intellectual property research 

Use Nexis DaaS to access comprehensive, full-text patent data sets from over 100 authorities with a 30+ year archive. You can know exactly what moves your competitors are making, so you can better keep your product development and strategy teams up to date. 

Make sure the business decisions you’re making are as informed as possible. Access a wealth of curated and enriched corporate data with Nexis DaaS to capture critical business intelligence, as well as to maintain up-to-date CRM information. Learn more about the benefits of using corporate data from Nexis DaaS here