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Competitive Intelligence: Expectation Versus Reality

June 16, 2021 (2 min read)

Maybe you’ve long resigned yourself to the “fact” that competitive intelligence is meant to be complicated and tedious. Maybe even confusing at times. After all, spending hours on Google and collecting information together from a variety of disparate sources is part of the job, right? And that means accepting that some types of information are too hard to find, and that the data you do come across isn’t always organized the same, formatted the same, or even ultimately saved and shared from the same locations.

But what if we told you that manual processes and inefficient research workflows don’t have to be your reality? You should expect better. Because better is possible.

Nexis for Competitive Intelligence simplifies and complements your competitor research workflows and applications, so that you can uncover and share accurate and relevant market insights quickly and efficiently. With it, you take advantage of the most comprehensive collection of company, news, legal, and patent data to visualize results across multiple competitors from a single search. It then visualizes this data for you and shows easy-to-understand comparisons you need to find insights quickly, craft a clear narrative, and share your findings and thoughts from a single workspace.

You can efficiently investigate and compare up to six companies at once, and see how they stack up to you across business-critical indications such as (but not limited to):

  • Financial reporting
  • Merger and acquisition news
  • Product announcements
  • IP news

Here are some of the high-level benefits of Nexis for Competitive Intelligence:

Find the content you need in a fraction of the time

Nexis for Competitive Intelligence streamlines and consolidates several parts of your research process into one, starting with your searches. It offers a breadth of information for insights that might have otherwise remained hidden, and its data enrichment ensures that the content you draw from is clean, relevant, formatted, and ready for consumption.

Support, simplify, and complement your existing workflow

You can use Nexis for Competitive Intelligence to organize, analyze, and share your findings all from within one data workspace. Without having to bounce between tools and manually pulling from a vast array of sources, you’ll:

  • Search the most complete set of company, news, legal, and patient information available
  • Investigate multiple companies (up to six) simultaneously across a broad dataset
  • Visualize competitors across legal, intellectual property, marketing, M&A news, and more
  • Collect partial articles, data points, and more in a single pinboard for sharing and analysis
  • Identify your data sources, add notes and insights, and organize data into a narrative
  • Share strategic takeaways across your organization with options that make it easy to drop findings in reports or presentations


Nexis for Competitive Intelligence proves that your research doesn’t have to be a time-consuming or inefficient process. Go here to learn more about how you can stay ahead of the competition with our world-leading datasets and visualize the competitor landscape in just a few clicks—with Nexis for Competitive Intelligence.