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Five Reasons to Explore a Hassle-Free Nexis Newsdesk Trial

May 18, 2021 (1 min read)

One Minute to Unlock One Week’s Worth of Premium Media Intelligence

When it comes to information overload, there is perhaps no greater offender than the World Wide Web. Yet, market researchers and analysts across the globe rely on extensive internet searches to gauge competitors, explore new markets and conduct due diligence. 

While there are plenty of platforms that aggregate vast amounts of intelligence, not all media monitoring tools are created equal. With just a few clicks of the mouse, users who sign up for a free Nexis Newsdesk trial can take it for a 7-day test drive—no strings attached. 

Still on the fence? Here are five things you can expect from Nexis Newsdesk:

  1. Credible Content. Nexis Newsdesk offers the most comprehensive library of global news and social content across nearly 100,000 broadcast, print and news sources and 2.5 million social media feeds. All content is screened to omit suspicious sources and include premium paywall coverage.
  2. Expert Curation.  In a climate where there are more than 500 hours of YouTube uploads and nearly 350,000 Instagram stories shared every minute (source: Visual Capitalist), no one has the luxury of weeding through endless news headlines and social media streams. Nexis Newsdesk is powered by advanced analytics and human curation to ensure users see relevant returns from every search.
  3. Unlimited Search. While many platforms charge additional fees to run searches past a modest threshold, Nexis Newsdesk users enjoy unlimited, customized searches across all media types spanning many diverse geographies.
  4. Integrated Analysis. In addition to serving as an all-in-one media intelligence platform, Nexis Newsdesk allows users to export and embed interactive charts for stakeholders—everything from brand health and competitive analysis to industry and social media landscape reports.
  5. Self-Guided or Seasoned Support. Choose your own research adventure! Nexis Newsdesk is designed for users who prefer self-guided searching and for users who want to tap our team of trained specialists for extra support.

If you’re ready to turbocharge your media intelligence, just click the trial button below and fill out a brief contact form to receive a free trial ID. Even our trial process is designed for ease of use and immediate value—no lengthy demo required!

Ready. Set. Trial! Sign up for a free, 7 day Nexis Newsdesk trial with no obligation.