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Five Reasons Why Nexis Newswire Sets a New Standard for Release Distribution

December 21, 2021

One of the unsung heroes of the business world is, without doubt, the news release. Millions upon millions of these documents have been issued over decades, feeding media outlets and bringing important news of all types to people around the world. In so doing, the trusty news release has played critical role in shaping companies, economies and even cultures.

Now, with the introduction of Nexis® Newswire, news releases can accomplish even more. And lest you think we’re talking in hyperbolic terms, look at these five unique attributes of our new service. We think you’ll agree: when it comes to news release distribution, it’s a brand new day.

Go Where Other Services Can’t Take You

Nexis Newswire gives you access to all 11 million websites in the Google Ads global network. You can hyper-target the sites most likely to be interested in your news in a host of ways. For instance, you can select targets by country, city and even zip code. You can also target by industry and special interests.  

Leverage Paid Media to Help Score More Earned Media

With Nexis Newswire, you can select websites on which we’ll place a banner ad touting your release—at no additional cost. In fact, we’ll even create the ad for you—also at no additional cost. You can choose to have your ad appear on five super-premium sites, as well as highly regarded, industry-specific niche publications.

Increase Your Share of Voice With, Well, Voice

With more than 4 billion voice-activated assistants, such as Amazon’s Alexa, already in the market, no professional communicator can ignore this communications channel. Nexis Newswire includes distribution to these devices, reaching the many people who like to listen to their news.

Don’t Get Lost in Translation

Did you know that about 50% of Google searches happen in non-English languages? It’s true. And that’s why Nexis Newswire leverages Google’s artificial intelligence-based translation services to publish every release in nine languages: German, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese and Dutch.

Geweldig nieuws! Bonne nouvelle! 좋은 소식! No matter how you say it, that’s great news for the communication industry.

Beyond these five unmatched benefits, there are even more reasons to distribute your releases over Nexis Newswire: a flat-rate fee per release; an easy-to-use interface; distribution via social channels; detailed report analytics; and more.

If you’re eager to take your news release distribution to the new level, visit or request a demo today!