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Get Your Press Releases Seen by the Right People

December 07, 2021

Sometimes it pays to buck the trend. And if you doubt me on this, let me present to you exhibit A: The traditional “shotgun” approach to press release distribution has been around for what feels like forever, right? But that’s not because casting a wide net is an effective way to get a press release in front of the right people; rather, its perseverance can mainly be chalked up to the fact that a quantity over quality method has always been far more convenient for time-pressed PR professionals than rolling up their sleeves and putting in the effort it takes to truly understand audience segments and where those segments go for information.

In other words, there was never an efficient way to target and engage with a particular audience—or to even measure press release distribution efforts to understand how your press releases are performing. At least, not until now. 

Nexis Newswire builds on the “tried” approach of mass distribution with a “true” one in terms of greater effectiveness, to ensure that your press releases reach the right people at the right time.

Newswire doesn’t ditch the mass distribution approach entirely. Instead, it supplements your existing press release distribution efforts, enabling you to amplify views of your organization’s news and announcements.

An ad-based model for press release distribution, powered by Google

To expand upon the traditional distribution approach, Newswire uses paid advertising to drive targeted traffic to your press releases. Via targeted Google Ads, Newswire gives you an unrivaled ability to reach the precise audience you want to engage with, at precisely the right time. Here’s a quick look at a few key capabilities you gain with Newswire:

Leverage Google Ads on the websites of your choice

When you’re ready to distribute a press release, you can select up to five premium websites where Google Ads will live, all of which will work to push targeted traffic to your release. At no additional cost, you can choose your websites from any of the 11 million sites in the Google Ads global network, an industry exclusive you won’t find anywhere else.

And another exclusive? Our in-house creative team creates the banner ads for you at no additional cost.

Target your audience using a variety of specific factors

Aside from selecting sites where Google Ads will live to drive traffic to your news releases, you can also target an audience using geographic and demographic factors, including:

  • Country, state, city and zip, or postal code
  • Multiple regions or global markets
  • Age, gender, industry, etc.

Distribute your press releases across the 4 billion+ voice devices across the world

Let’s wrap up this list with one last industry exclusive. While Nexis lets you take a more targeted approach to your press release distribution, it also lets you cast a wide net in terms of devices. There are more than 4 billion voice devices globally, and Newswire can push your press releases to Internet of Things (IoT) smart devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana.

Amplify the reach of your press releases with Nexis Newswire

The evidence speaks for itself. Yes, there’s still a role that the shotgun approach can play in your press release distribution. But it’s clear that Nexis Newswire can help PR professionals drive more of the right traffic to their press releases using targeted Google Ads and their own geographic and demographic parameters. In fact, think of using Newswire as less of bucking a trend and more like raising the bar for your press release distribution.

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