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How to Improve Your IP Competitive Intelligence with Patents Data

April 30, 2021

We’ve all heard the saying many times before, but these days it feels more appropriate than ever: The only constant is change. Innovations in technology and disruptive intellectual property (IP) are redefining markets and taking the economy in new directions at breakneck speed. And that makes understanding the strengths of your own IP portfolio—and how it stacks up with the patenting activity of your competitors—all the more critical.

Nexis Data as a Service (DaaS) can help you survey the competitive landscape with efficient access to comprehensive patents data. We aggregate global patent content from multiple sources, and then we enhance and standardize that data before making it available on a single platform. We also ensure that every single piece of patents data is delivered as standardized XML. For your business, this means no more having to gather different datasets in multiple formats from various sources. You can even obtain patent data in its original language, as well as machine translated in English.

IP strategists and practitioners, business professionals, and others can use Nexis DaaS to gain a high level of transparency across the global innovation landscape. They can better identify opportunities in the marketplace, vulnerabilities in their own portfolio, and augment their strategic decision-making. Your own competitive intelligence will be enhanced as you use our enriched, standardized, and curated data to:

  • Compare the quantities and qualities of patent portfolios
  • Monitor the portfolio strengths, weaknesses, and developments of your competitors
  • Track the progress of interesting portfolios via industry-proven KPIs
  • Raise awareness among internal customers and communicate patent metrics in an easy-to-understand format
  • Increase IP portfolio efficiencies
  • Define country filing strategies
  • Uncover pruning potential and cost-saving opportunities

You can also use Nexis DaaS to improve your trend scouting, enabling you to better identify disruptive market moves from non-practicing entities (NPEs), reveal emerging R&D trends, and explore complementary technologies.

There are any number of insights relevant to your business waiting to be surfaced in our global patents data. You can learn more about Nexis DaaS and how its unmatched wealth of content can help you optimize your IT portfolio management, assess risk, and discover opportunities here