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Improving your ESG Intelligence with Power Topics from Nexis DaaS

September 10, 2021 (2 min read)

Environment, social, and governance (ESG) scores are becoming increasingly important in the business world. From getting approved for a loan to navigating a merger or acquisition, a company’s ESG score—which indicates how well it’s performing on a whole host of environmental, societal, and leadership issues such as hiring practices—can very well be the deciding factor for a financial institution or potential partner. And that means having insight into your own ESG score, as well as the scores of anyone you plan to do business with, is crucial.

Nexis Data as a Service (DaaS) can complement your existing ESG intelligent to ensure your ESG data is always complete, accurate, and up to date. Additionally, Nexis DaaS provides enriched, comprehensive, and easy-to-integrate datasets your ESG intelligence can rely on for deeper, more accurate insights.

A key feature of Nexis DaaS is our rules-based SmartIndexing™, a proprietary data categorization and indexing technology. It analyzes and tags documents to enrich data, so that you can search subjects, industries, companies, organizations, people, and places to quickly find relevant information. You can also search content elements (headers, author, document type, etc.) to narrow your searches even further. And together with third-party tagging, SmartIndexing enables more efficient, targeted data calls and results wrangling.

Boost search relevancy in a single click with Power Topics

SmartIndexing also utilizes a feature known as Power Topics. A Power Topic is a single SmartIndexing term, which rolls up all relevant terms for the target subject or industry. This consolidation boosts search relevancy with a single click of the mouse.

Using a Power Topic as a filter is equivalent to creating a query with 30,000 Boolean operators and keywords as well as sources—without negatively impacting performance.

In terms of ESG intelligence, Nexis DaaS offers multiple ESG Power Topics via SmartIndexing technology. Here’s a quick rundown of the main ESG Power Topics and the benefits they can bring your ESG intelligence:

The ESG Factors Power Topic

With the ESG Factors Power Topic, you can filter news on all aspects of environmental, social, and governance factors related to a specific company. A single term targets company sustainability, ethics, and social and environmental responsibility, which itself is comprised of about 380 related terms such as “greenwashing, “carbon footprint,” and others.

Environmental Industry Power Topic

This is a subset of the ESG Factors Power Topic, and it’s focused on services aimed at protecting the environment. Its sub-taxonomy consists of 53 terms, making it a more refined option than the broader ESG Factors Power Topic.

ESG Factors Ratings

Another more specific term is ESG Factors Ratings. This Power Topic targets evaluations and rankings of companies based on their sustainability, ethics, and social and environmental responsibility.


Thanks in large part to our SmartIndexing technology and its range of Power Topics, Nexis DaaS goes beyond providing a wealth of unmatched content to improve your ESG intelligence. To learn more about how Nexis DaaS provides enriched, comprehensive, and easy-to-integrate datasets for greater ESG intelligence, download this factsheet