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What Is Nexis Newswire?

July 14, 2021

In another blog post we listed four ways to improve meaningful traffic to your press releases. In other words, we highlighted what PR professionals can do to ensure that their company’s press releases are better distributed to their target audience, versus a “cast a wide net approach” that attempts to prioritize quantity over quality. For the sake of this blog post, here’s a quick reminder of the four ways you can increase impactful traffic to your press releases: 

  1. Amplify reach 
  2. Target specific audiences based on geographic and demographic factors 
  3. Translate press releases into multiple languages 
  4. Monitor and track the performance of your press releases 

Of course, PR professionals reading this post will probably note that these capabilities sound great in theory. After all, who wouldn’t want to amplify the reach of their press releases across targeted factors, in multiple languages, while effectively tracking performance? Well, the truth is, it’s easier to call these capabilities out than it is to put them into practice. Or, at least, it was. The reason we’re calling attention to these four capabilities is because they’re now all available in a single press release distribution tool: Nexis Newswire

Here’s how Nexis Newswire works 

Nexis Newswire enables targeted distribution to 11 million global websites, social channels, and IoT technologies like Amazon Alexa and Apple’s Siri. Newswire is powered by Google, and it’s the only press release newswire in the industry that uses paid advertising to drive traffic to your press releases, resulting in an amplified reach of your press releases to the people you want to see those releases most.  

The capabilities and benefits of Nexis Newswire 

Let’s revisit the four ways you can improve meaningful traffic to your releases, and then highlight how Nexis Newswire works to make achieving that high-quality traffic possible. 

Amplification of reach 

When you’re tasked with increasing your company’s brand awareness, you need a way to reach as many people in your audience as possible. Unfortunately, the industry standard relies on something known as “pull” technology, a mode of distribution that posts your press releases on subdomains that typically catch very little traffic. This tactic is built around efforts to “pull” people to the subdomain. The problem here, however, is that most of the effort must actually be taken by the audience. They must click their way through any number of sites and pages to arrive on the subdomain where your press release lives, which can entail jumping through quite a few hoops. And the more obstacles you put between your audience and your press release, the less likely your audience is to know that your press release even exists. 

Instead, Nexis Newswire uses “push” technology. We actively bring awareness of your press release to your audience through published banner ads. These ads appear on premium websites that Newswire users choose themselves at no additional cost and they drive traffic directly to the page where your press release lives.  

As far as the sites Newswire users can choose from, Nexis has access to all 11 million websites in the Google Ads network, an industry exclusive you won’t find anywhere else. This network provides corporate communications and PR professionals the ability to publish banner ads on sites where no one else in the industry can. You can even choose to have banner ads appear on niche, industry-specific pages as long as they’re part of the Google Ads network. And you can choose any five sites across the entire network to promote a given press release.  

Targeting an audience based on geographic and demographic factors 

You need your press releases to reach the right people at precisely the right moment. While the aforementioned “cast a wide net” approach—sometimes referred to as the “shot gun” method—focuses on the number of people it reaches versus reaching the right people, Nexis Newswire lets you target an audience on a much more granular level. Newswire’s ad-based distribution model gives you the unparalleled ability to target audiences based on country, state, city and zip, or postal code. You can also target multiple regions and global markets for your press release campaigns. 

Additionally, your press releases are given built-in share functionality, so people who open your press release can share it out on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest with a simple click of the mouse. So, target audience members can easily share your press release out amongst their peers, further increasing visibility. 

Seamless and accurate language translations 

If you need to reach a global audience, language translations are a must for your press releases. Unfortunately, writing a press release in English and then having it translated into multiple languages can be a tedious and time-consuming task that involves any number of translators and introduces a greater margin for error. 

As part of Newswire’s distribution capabilities, your press releases are automatically translated into eight languages via Google’s AI-based translation service: 

  • Spanish 
  • Portuguese 
  • French 
  • German 
  • Russian 
  • Korean 
  • Chinese 
  • Japanese 

The ads themselves are also translated, so both they and your press releases are given unequaled global and multicultural reach. And just like the access Newswire gives its users to the Google Ads network, the translation service is an industry exclusive. It’s offered at a flat-rate price, and all eight translations are fully indexed by Google with no restrictions on word limit and no extra charges for images. 

Rapid reporting on the performance of your press releases 

Corporate communications and PR professionals need the metrics to understand whether their press releases are successfully reaching the intended audience—and as soon as possible. But many PR tools don’t provide actionable details on a press release until 48 hours after the press release has been distributed. And even then, many of those tools only track opportunities versus actual opens, so you have no way of knowing how many of the people who had the chance to read or download your press release did so. 

Newswire offers ad-driven report analytics—powered by Google—with accurate reports on views and clicks. Reporting is available 24 hours after distribution, a full day sooner than the industry norm, and Newswire also delivers a final report seven days after distribution. So, you can track opens—and not just opportunities—to see reach and more accurately report on your ROI. You can also view reporting on social pick-up, to see how your press releases are being shared across social platforms, along with opens that result from that sharing. 

Learn more about Nexis Newswire 

We’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of all the features and benefits Nexis Newswire has to offer. Learn more about what’s possible with Nexis Newswire—and how it can maximize the reach of your press releases.