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Looking for a 360-Degree View of the Competitive Landscape? Find it with Nexis® for Competitive Intelligence

August 02, 2021

What does your competitive intelligence workflow look like? If you’re like many CI professionals, you use a variety of tools—old school frameworks like SWOT analysis and Porter’s Five Forces to data-driven digital technologies. Just as efficient search is one piece of the CI puzzle, your ability to capture a 360-degree view of competitors is another—and Nexis® for Competitive Intelligence is built for the job.

Compare using visualization and identify insights

Finding information about competitors doesn’t have to be time-consuming when you have a solution like Nexis for Competitive Intelligence at your fingertips. Offering an unrivalled content set that spans news, company and executive data, legal and regulatory information, patents and more, Nexis for CI accelerates research, but it doesn’t end there.

First, you can run a search for up to six competitors at once, allowing you to quickly scan a vast content universe—including one of the world’s largest public and private company datasets—in just a few clicks. Then the Compare feature kicks in.

With information on 350M public and private companies and 70+M executives, Nexis for CI enables targeted search that yields relevant results—and then does more heavy lifting by organizing the information for efficient comparison and analysis. In addition to providing Overviews for each company being compared, Nexis for CI features visualizations that cover:

  • Financial reporting
  • Marketing news
  • Litigation news
  • M&A news
  • Innovation news
  • Intellectual property news
  • Corporate responsibility news
  • Expert insights


If you're ready to stop the cycle of repeating competitor searches using multiple tools and disparate datasets, Nexis for CI is the answer. You can search once, and re-run the search as needed with the click of a button. And it's easy to add new competitors to a saved search, so that instead of starting from square one, you can fast-track research and get straight to visual comparisons that surface actionable insights.

Whether you’re looking at traditional competitors within your industry or hunting for signals of disruptors from other industries, Nexis for CI makes it simple. Using the Compare feature makes it easy to create visual comparisons that highlight how competitors measure up—allowing you to identify trends, spot emerging threats or opportunities, and capture a more complete picture to inform decision makers across your business.

See for yourself. Arrange a Nexis® for CI demo today!