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No Re-Formatting Required: Move Quickly from CI Search to Insight Sharing with Nexis® for Competitive Intelligence

August 16, 2021

“In this rapidly changing and volatile world, the expectations required of those in the intelligence discipline are high—knowledge of the hidden and foreknowledge of the unpredictable,” wrote Edward Waltz in Knowledge Management in the Intelligence Enterprise. It’s no mean feat given the volume of data CI professionals need to searchcompare and organize and then there’s still the need to deliver actionable insights to colleagues and the C-suite. That’s where Nexis® for Competitive Intelligence can help.

Take Research to the Next Level with Built-in Compare & Pin Tools

Fast access to competitive intelligence empowers performance in numerous ways. With the right information at hand, companies can:

  • Anticipate competitor moves and pinpoint potential disruptors
  • Spot new opportunities to stand out in a crowded marketplace
  • Boost innovation and inspire product development
  • Support strategic planning and the ability to pivot as needs evolve

Nexis for Competitive Intelligence supports the entire workflow, starting with the bedrock of CI—research. Instead of spending hours conducting searches on the open web or multiple databases, you can quickly conduct a search that spans 45,000+ sources from 200+ countries in 75 languages, including a 45+ year news archive. And it’s not just news at your fingertips: Nexis for Competitive Intelligence includes data on more than 280M public and private companies, plus industry sources, legal data, patent filings, and intellectual property news.

The power of Nexis for Competitive Intelligence doesn’t end with search; in fact, it’s just getting started. With this tool, you can easily compare companies in a side-by-side view to understand how key competitors perform across business-critical indicators such as financial reporting, M&A announcements, IP news and more. And through it all, you can organize your thoughts easily in the Pin workspace. Pull together relevant findings in a single view. You can also annotate your findings, providing useful context that raw data alone can’t deliver.

Seamlessly Share Competitive Intelligence to Keep Decision Makers Informed

Of course, information doesn’t add value unless it reaches the right people. Nexis for Competitive Intelligence lets you maintain your momentum with the Share feature that allows you take the CI you’ve organized in the Pin workspace and download it—no re-formatting required—for inclusion in presentations or reports. The pinboard reports include:

  • Header
  • Summary
  • All clipped charts, snippets, and full articles
  • All source citations for easy reference
  • All uniformly formatted font, size

As one user notes, “Individual pieces of information are not CI. CI is when you tie them all together in a narrative that really inspires change and really provokes changing your organization.”

Put strategic insights in the hands of senior leaders and stakeholders and demonstrate the value of your findings and expert analysis. Whether you’re on the lookout for emerging trends or tracking M&A activity, Nexis for Competitive Intelligence is an end-to-end solution that brings together the sources you need and tools that make it easy to search, compare, pin, and share what you discover to propel savvy decision-making throughout your organization.

Take a closer look and arrange a demo at your convenience!