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Start Your CI Research Off on the Right Foot with 3X the Content— All in One Place—with Nexis® for Competitive Intelligence

July 26, 2021

The expression “going down the rabbit hole” may date back to 1865, but anyone who has searched for competitive intelligence on the open web—today’s version of “Wonderland”—likely knows that feeling. The search for timely, relevant information can lead to unexpected places and questionable content, especially if you’re relying on the wrong tools. In fact, a SCIP survey found that competitive intelligence professionals spend up to 36% of their time conducting research and compiling results.*  

What if you could accelerate search AND be confident with your results? Recently, we introduced a new solution designed to empower your competitive intelligence workflow—Nexis® for Competitive Intelligence. The first piece of the puzzle? Efficient search.

Perform a single search across multiple types of content

Nexis® is already recognized as a leading source of news and business information. Now, Nexis for Competitive Intelligence connects you to a world-leading content set spanning 45,000 sources, including 36,000+ licensed sources, covering 200 countries. Instead of conducting multiple searches in multiple databases, you can conduct a single search, for up to six companies at once, across our vast source universe:

  • Current and archival news, with some publication archives going back 45+ years.
  • Information on more than 320 million public and private companies and more than 70 million executives in developed and emerging markets
  • Information from 100+ patent and intellectual property authorities worldwide
  • Legal and regulatory information including translated primary law for 19 countries and the EU

You can also save and rerun searches as needed, allowing you to streamline your CI workflow while staying on top of critical information—no need to reinvent the wheel. But having access to 3X the content is just the beginning of your time-savings.

Uncover on-point search results from enriched data

Before we bring content on board, the data is enhanced using LexisNexis® SmartIndexing Technology™, which analyzes and tags documents to allow more refined, targeted searches. In addition to applying 7X more subject topics and industry tags than our competitors, SmartIndexing also tags companies and newsworthy people, as well as adding a relevancy score to filter out the noise. How do they improve search results?

  • Take advantage of subject tags to stay on top of key news that indicate potential disruptions or opportunities for your organization, be it emerging trends, mergers and acquisitions, executive moves, or another impactful event.
  • Use industry index terms with keywords to narrow in on a specific industry without the need to build a complicated search query.

As one satisfied user explains, “"Nexis Competitive Intelligence streamlines and consolidates several parts of our research process into one, easy-to-use tool. Not only does it make my research more efficient, but the breadth of information it offers helps generates new insights I might not have found otherwise.​"

See for yourself how Nexis for Competitive Intelligence keeps search on track (and away from time-draining rabbit holes).

* Source: The 2020 State of CI Report, SCIP survey