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Two Ways the Nexis for Development Professionals Can Turbocharge Your Fundraising with Donor Profiles (Coming Soon!)

May 12, 2022

Whether you work with a charity, a hospital or an educational institution, finding the right donors for your cause can be a massive challenge.  

Development professionals often find themselves managing the critical task of fundraising with little to no support—no small feat when considering just how much work goes into finding, wooing and securing high-level donors. Between identifying potential high-level donors, understanding their propensity to give, ensuring their values match your organization’s and crafting a thoughtful outreach strategy, hours upon hours are required to reach every potential giver. It’s no wonder that one of the primary concerns our customers share with us is the feeling that there’s just not enough time in the day.  

Thankfully, the forthcoming new-and-improved donor profile within Nexis for Development Professionals™ (NDP) is designed from the ground up to make fundraising efforts faster, easier and more efficient. The new features we’ve included help you to quickly visualize across an unparalleled amount of comprehensive and trusted donor data, cut down on the time it takes to perform research and offer key insights into a high-value donor’s giving history and propensity to give.  

Let’s take a look at two of the biggest reasons development professionals should be excited about the NDP updates. 

A trusted resource 

There is a reason our product has a 97+ percent renewal rate: NDP is the most trusted tool of development professionals. That’s because the platform is built atop an unrivaled dataset, providing users with access to a wealth of deep, reliable information—from news and company information to individual records and beyond—that helps to identify high-potential donors. That depth of data isn’t going away, and the new NDP features make it even easier to access.  

The gift of time 

Because they’re often working in small teams or on their own, we understand that the most precious resource for development professionals is time. And while we can’t add any more hours to your day, the newly enhanced NDP platform can cut down significantly on how many of those hours you spend researching high-potential donors and finding the right ways to connect with them.  

The new features are built to make donor research faster and more efficient, combining search features to prevent the need to bounce between multiple resources for different pieces of data. And the visualizations will quickly bring high-value donors to life and make crafting pitch stories easier. 

Are you ready to turbocharge your fundraising efforts? Learn more about how the new features coming to Nexis for Development Professionals can help you reach prospective donors quicker and more efficiently.