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What Is Nexis for Competitive Intelligence?

June 09, 2021 (3 min read)

If you’re a research executive, strategist, or anyone else responsible for your company’s competitive intelligence analytics, you know the drill:

You spend hours scrolling through Google search results and various content sources to collect raw data; tracking down hard-to-find information, such as private company data, legal information, patent filings, and more; having to parse and clean the data you do manage to track down; compiling it all into spreadsheets and presentation slides; and then anxiously wondering what kinds of data and insights you might have missed along the way.

Does any of that sound familiar? The process described above probably hits close to home for many competitive analysts reading this blog post, but the truth is this isn’t real competitive intelligence (or, at least it shouldn’t be). True competitive intelligence is achieved through streamlined and highly efficient research that helps you yield the insights needed to achieve and maintain a true competitive advantage in the market.

Essentially, you need the ability to uncover and share accurate and relevant market insights in moments. And that’s exactly why we’ve developed Nexis for Competitive Intelligence. It combines one of the world’s most comprehensive databases with a user experience that simplifies and complements your existing competitor research workflow. So you can gain access to data visualizations and comparisons across multiple competitors, uncover insights, craft your narrative, and share your findings within a single workspace.

Here are just a few of the benefits and features Nexis for Competitive Intelligence brings to the table:

It streamlines your workflow

Nexis for Competitive Intelligence doesn’t replace your workflow. It makes it more efficient and effective—from trend spotting to deep investigations to sharing key insights to stakeholders. You can conduct searches, gather evidence, and organize your thoughts in one place. There’s also a new data workspace designed with the flexibility to help you simplify your processes.

With Nexis for Competitive Intelligence, you can:

Search one content set

No more bouncing between tools and having to manually pull raw data from multiple sources that then have to be cleaned. Instead, you have the diverse set of content needed to ensure your competitive analyses are informed with nothing but relevant and enriched data.

Study the competition

You’re no longer restricted to researching one company or data type at a time. Nexis for Competitive Intelligence gives you the ability to compare up to six companies simultaneously across a broad dataset in only a few clicks. You can explore visualized charts that help you quickly understand and compare a company’s personnel, financial outlook, moves in the market, litigation history and news, and more. This means you can go from investigation to insights in a fraction of the time you normally spent just scrolling through Google and collecting raw data.

Gather your findings

Your existing workflow also benefits from the ability to collect evidence and critical pieces of information in a single place. You and your team can organize, analyze, and add your own findings together, and you can also “snip” important quotes, data points, and articles in a pinboard environment, where you can add callouts and write up key takeaways.

Share with stakeholders*

Nexis for Competitive Intelligence makes it easy to craft your story, and then share both your findings and your easy-to-follow narrative with stakeholders. You can also download your crafted story in simple formatting and add it to a presentation or report.

*Subject to LexisNexis Terms and Conditions.

It provides a diverse set of content

Your competitor research requires a diverse range of data—and no one else has our breadth of depth of content. By complementing your existing workflow with Nexis for Competitive Intelligence, you can help ensure you’re not missing any critical market signals or potential disruptions.

Nexis for Competitive Intelligence is tapped into the Nexis universe of data, so your competitive intelligence benefits from:

  • 3x the licensed content than our nearest competitor
  • 36,000+ premium sources
  • 45,000+ total sources
  • Content from 200+ countries across 75 languages
  • Archival news content spanning 45+ years
  • IP news
  • Legal information
  • Industry news

It also gives you access to the full Nexis Dossier Suite, so you get company and financial coverage of 350 million public and private companies and 70 million executives.

It cleans and enriches data for you

Nexis for Competitive Intelligence lets you spend less time searching and more time strategizing. Our proprietary SmartIndexing Technology™ analyzes and tags documents using natural language processing, algorithmic semantic analysis, and supervised machine learning to classify data based on subjects, industries, companies, organizations, people, and place. It’s the most comprehensive indexing on the market, and it paves the way to surface critical content in a fraction of the time.


Get to know Nexis for Competitive Intelligence a little better—and discover how its benefits can help you stay in the know and head of the competition. To learn more about empowering your competitive research workflow with Nexis for Competitive Intelligence, go here.