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Nexis® Data+ : Power Infinite Insights with Unrivaled Datasets

March 29, 2024

The true power of data lies not in its volume alone, but in its diversity. By embracing a wide spectrum of data sources — both internal and external — organizations unlock a more complete perspective, fostering enhanced decision-making across the enterprise.

External data sources offer a wealth of information to complement and enhance internal data, leading to more informed and robust strategies. This synergy paves the way for a more nuanced and holistic view of the business landscape, allowing you to anticipate changes, adapt quickly, and stay ahead of the competition. But identifying and aggregating the myriad sources you need takes time and effort better spent on analyzing the data.

Nexis® Data+ solves that problem, streamlining delivery of dynamically enriched data so you can begin uncovering actionable insights, sooner. With flexible options to tailor and scale data integrations to fit your unique needs, Nexis Data+ connects you to an expanding data universe — growing by nearly 4M documents a day — all from a single provider.

Explore the datasets available from Nexis Data+ — and why they matter— to see what’s possible.