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Due Diligence Checklist: A Step-by-Step Guide to Managing Third-Party Bribery and Corruption Risk in 2024

February 13, 2024

A due diligence checklist takes you step-by-step through the information you need to consider to help carry out a thorough investigation when you’re contemplating a new commercial relationship, a prospective business partner or monitoring an existing one. Some checklists offer a narrowly defined area of application. This is suitable if you are preparing for a business takeover or a real estate transaction, but inappropriate for your own business as it stands.

Other due diligence checklists take a more extensive approach but turn out not to cover all you need to surface the relevant risks. Rather than focusing on either a narrow or broad scope, our checklist includes questions aligned to situational risks to help you determine the level of third-party due diligence investigation required to mitigate risk. Our checklist also recognizes that regulatory requirements change, so it highlights some of the key laws against foreign bribery at time of posting and suggests how companies can remain compliant.