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Academic Research Reimagined for Digital Natives

May 01, 2023

The needs of students conducting academic research have not changed. They still need reputable sources of information when they write papers, prepare presentations or tackle team projects. What has changed is HOW digital natives want to conduct research. Meet Nexis Uni®, a simple, intuitive research platform designed with input from students that have never known a world without Google.

Turn rookie researchers into accomplished academics

Nexis Uni is much more than a research database; it delivers the digital research experience that your students expect—accessible from students’ preferred devices for ultimate convenience. Librarians can also add a Nexis Uni search widget to the institute’s intranet and library pages, so students have the option to start research on the fly. Nexis Uni delivers measurable advantages for librarians, educators and students alike. The easy-to-navigate Nexis Uni interface:

• Reduces training demands, allowing librarians to focus on higher value tasks
• Offers educators greater visibility into student participation on required reading or group assignments
• Increases student satisfaction and drives usage for demonstrable ROI
• Ensures your students are proficient in the skills—and types of research tools—that business professionals around the world depend on

The bottom line? You get maximum value for your library’s resource budget with a dynamic research platform that connects students to the comprehensive, trusted content you expect from LexisNexis®.