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Access the online research platform that provides student, faculty, and public researchers across disciplines with the vast universe of news, legal, and business content from LexisNexis for use in research projects.

The advantages of Nexis Uni for librarians, students & faculty

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Librarians can offer an academic search engine with rich content

Whether librarians are mentoring freshmen on how to conduct research or recommending scholarly journals to more advanced researchers, having an academic research database students want to use makes your job easier.

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Students can perform academic research faster

Having grown up Googling for answers to any question, today’s students expect their academic research platform to offer the same convenience and ease-of-use—whether they’re writing research papers or working on group projects.

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A university research tool that delivers trustworthy content

Fake news and sponsored content make finding credible sources for students difficult. With 17,000 news, business, and legal sources, Nexis Uni helps students write research assignments that use trustworthy citations.

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Nexis Uni for Academic Institutions

Nexis Uni, a simple, intuitive research platform, is designed with input from students that have never known a world without Google.

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Nexis Uni connects your patrons to a comprehensive range of sources designed to meet a wide variety of research needs.

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