Law360 and Law360 Pulse Legal News Services

Law360 is a daily current awareness tool for attorneys and business leaders at law firms, corporations, and government agencies. Law360 publishes breaking news and analysis, with a particular focus on high-stakes litigation, legislation, regulation, and corporate transactions across nearly 80 practice areas, industry, and state sections.  


Law360 Pulse combines Law360's award-winning journalism with powerful data and analytics from Lexis+™ to deliver unparalleled business of law coverage, timely insights and industry intelligence to stay on top of issues and trends.

How to access Law360 and Law360 Pulse?

  • Access Law360 Pulse the same way you currently access (many schools make Law360 available through their IP authenticated network)
  • Archived content from Law360 and Law360 Pulse are available in Legal News on Lexis+ 

Contact your LexisNexis Representative if you need assistance.