Lexis+ Reference Guides

The reference guides below help you complete common law school tasks with Lexis+. See what makes Lexis+ the most advanced research system for law students and lawyers. You will get concise instructions for comprehensive research and validation.

Researching on Lexis+

Rely on Secondary Sources First
Quickly get to the most relied-upon secondary sources, only on Lexis+, and see how legal pros build their arguments and cite authority.

Research in Three Steps
Move to the next level with your research. Find the primary law and secondary sources you need to solidify your argument.

Shepardizing on Lexis+
Only Shepard’s Citations Service shows precedential authority with "Followed by" analysis. Be confident your research is complete and spot weaknesses in your opponent’s arguments.

Brief Analysis
Lexis+ Brief Analysis helps you build better arguments, save time, check quotes and ensure you are citing good law.

Lexis+ Overview

Lexis+ Overview
See the superior research, gold-standard analytics, and practical guidance available in Lexis+.