Running the Marathon of Law School Infographic

Have you ever heard someone describe law school as a marathon?

The law school journey, which begins during your first year, varies each year as you move towards graduation.

Your 1L year, or first year,  is a trial by fire where you’ll learn the basics of legal analysis and how to start thinking and writing like a lawyer.

Your 2L year of law school is when you’ll start applying the knowledge and skills you learned as a 1L in practical legal settings.

Your 3L year is about mastery and application. Your main focus will be finding a job.

Just like a marathon, there is a course full of milestones you’ll have to achieve to finish law school strong.

Check out The Law School Marathon Infographic for all the details that make law school a grueling experience worthy of the marathon analogy. The infographic walks you through all the milestones you’ll achieve in law school on the road to becoming a lawyer. Think of it as your personal map of the law school experience. Oh, and don’t forget to pace yourself!