White Paper: Better Results with Flipped Classroom

The flipped classroom model is gaining momentum as a means of increasing student engagement, integrating more technology and improving learning outcomes.  We’ve published a new white paper that explores the use of the flipped classroom approach in legal research & writing courses.

To what extent are Legal Research & Writing faculty adopting the flipped classroom and how is it implemented? What are the benefits and how are student outcomes evaluated?

These questions are answered in a LexisNexis® survey of 220 legal research & writing professors and law librarians conducted in December, 2016. The result is a new white paper, Law Faculty Study Shows Better Results with Flipped Classroom. Key findings include:

  • 75% of LR&W respondents use a flipped classroom approach
  • Online videos and tutorials are the most popular flipped classroom teaching tools.
  • 55%+ say learning improved
  • Student engagement and enthusiasm top the list of success measurements
  • 71% of faculty respondents are satisfied with the flipped classroom approach

At LexisNexis®, we continue to explore topics and support studies that are of interest to our customers, and we hope you find this information helpful.