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25 Nov 2019 Download

Attorney Mario Simonyan, Founder of ESQgo®

Mario Simonyan is the founder of ESQgo, P.C., an intellectual property law firm. Before founding his law firm, Simonyan built and sold two seven-figure Amazon® private label brands, so he’s no stranger to eCommerce or entrepreneurship. Now he works exclusively with Amazon sellers, helping entrepreneurs navigate intellectual property issues connected to selling online.

“We are a boutique law firm that deals mostly with trademark and copyright matters,” Simonyan says. “Most of our work is with private label sellers on Amazon—sometimes clients are dealing with an IP complaint, arbitration with Amazon, etc., or sometimes sellers get suspended due to bogus complaints. We work with them to resolve their issues, whatever they may be.”

Building a legal practice based on a single company may have once seemed unfathomable, but the sheer size of Amazon and its ability to continue to grow its reach as the internet’s largest marketplace has made it a reality—one fraught with plenty of growing pains. And Simonyan says this growth sometimes causes unnecessary challenges for online brands.

“eCommerce is taking over and online brands will continue to grow because of it,” he says. “As for ESQgo, we are looking to expand more into IP, and plan to do more work with counterfeiting, as that is a huge problem right now for online sellers. People need to be able to protect their products and brands more effectively, especially as Amazon and online retail continue to become the go-to method of making purchases.”

Though ESQgo is a highly specialized boutique firm working in a leading-edge marketplace, at its core, it is still a small law firm facing many of the same challenges as its more traditional peer firms. Chief among those, Simonyan says, is the need for firms to adapt their fee structures and workflows to both client pressure points and new technologies. In those challenges, he sees opportunity for his colleagues in small and mid-size firms.

“Clients, businesses and brands are tired of big law firms that charge for every email and phone call, and that model is changing because now software, technology and automation can relieve a lot of the congestion that attorneys previously billed for,” Simonyan says. “For example, we can send automated emails now that answer basic questions, which can relieve a lot of that nickel-and-diming.”

Simonyan knows that he’s on to something in the ability of boutiques to adapt to changes in the legal industry more quickly than BigLaw. Navigating that challenge and successfully battling the big guys is among the most rewarding aspects of his job.

“I really enjoy the challenge of going up against a big law firm,” he says. “Between that and getting to work with brilliant entrepreneurs, things are pretty great. My clients are smart, innovative people, and I truly have a lot of fun working with them.”