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9 Jan 2020 Download

Q&A with Jeralyn Lawrence

With over two decades of experience in family law, Jeralyn Lawrence has a lot of optimism for her growing practice, Lawrence Law.

“Politics and the economy really don’t hinder the practice of family law, because you’re dealing with human beings and their relationships,” Lawrence quips. And she’s probably right—the legal issues resulting from marriage, children, divorce, etc. tend to persist regardless of macro-level influences.

But that’s not to say Lawrence thinks growth will be easy. “Clients are shopping around more so now than before,” she explains, adding “there’s more competition
amongst lawyers, competing for the same clients.”

So How Does a Family Law Firm Distinguish Itself from the Rest?

Since many clients appear to be searching for a deal, her firm’s strategy is to stay above the fray and show would-be bargain hunters the perils of choosing the cheapest option. “There are [lawyers] who think that they can dabble in family law, instead of specializing in it,” Lawrence says. “That can get dangerous.”

Because her firm deals exclusively in family law matters, the team is able to provide high quality expertise and value to their clients. Lawrence is quick to point out the refined skillset of her employees, stating plainly that “we’re a premium brand.”

But Lawrence Law’s client list shows that being a premium brand doesn’t mean shrinking your customer base. From construction workers to celebrities, government officials to accountants, there is clearly a broad market of individuals looking for top-quality family law representation.

By demonstrating excellent client service, delivering favorable results—and doing it all consistently—the firm has been able to attract a steady stream of business.

Is Specialization and a High-Performing Team All You Need Then?

The answer, of course, is no. Lawrence makes sure to highlight the importance of marketing in any growth plan. When it comes to reaching a new audience, there are plenty of channels to choose from, including social media, internet, radio and print—but finding the right tactics for your law firm requires experience and expertise.

For Lawrence Law, their solution to expand and enhance reach is to hire marketing specialists. “If I can bring in an expert, someone in the marketing arena,” Lawrence explains “I will bring on that person as part of the team.”

Are There Other Secrets to Law Firm Growth?

Lawrence has some insight there too. “Technology is important. I always try to make sure we have the best computer software…the best computer systems.”

Embracing technology provides the firm’s employees a lot of flexibility. They can work from home and, since Lawrence Law currently has a pair of physical locations, it helps the two offices communicate as seamlessly and effortlessly as possible.

Though communication is always important to a law firm, it is perhaps more so for a firm that aspires to open additional field offices as part of its growth strategy.

Ultimate Key to Law Firm Growth?

While having a sound business plan, technological capabilities and a talented team are core components of a growth strategy, there is perhaps one ingredient that can’t be quantified on a balance sheet.

“Every case is different—but my philosophy is the same for every client that walks through my door. Be mindful of what they’re going through to be able to shepherd them through to a better place.”

…And it is within that phrase where the true secret to Lawrence Law’s success may reside.