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30 Mar 2020 Download

Ron Skufca: The Benefits of Being a Full-Service Firm

While the core practice areas at Skufca Law PLLC are business, construction, motorsports and family law, managing attorney Ron Skufca explains how his full-service firm is able to take on a wide range of legal matters. “In order to meet the scope of what our clients need, we have to be multi-disciplinary.”

This allows the firm to provide long-term comprehensive service to its clients. “We truly value long-term client relationships,” Skufca says.

Ron Skufca has a robust network of associate counsel that the firm will refer for specific legal issues like immigration, tax law and bankruptcy—Skufca Law is there
however, to retain and manage the client relationship. “Sometimes there’s a lot of involvement from us, and sometimes there’s minimal involvement,” Skufca states, describing how this full-service model has really worked well for his firm.

“We find that our clients value and appreciate our commitment…because they know we’ll take care of whatever [their issue] is.”


“Everyone today values their time highly,” says Skufca. “Centralizing their legal representation in one firm is something that has been well received.” Transferring knowledge to other firms can be time-consuming, inefficient and more costly, which ultimately leads to client frustration.

Further, many of the firm’s clients, being closely held companies, often rely on Skufca Law for representation on both their business and personal matters. “Our firm takes pride in that our small group of personable and highly qualified attorneys and paralegals can provide this critical mix of legal services that our clients need.”


Being “full service” means that the team at Skufca Law has to be ready for whatever legal issue walks through the firm’s door. As a result, there are opportunities to augment the roster of lawyers working within the firm as well as to expand the firm’s network of associate attorney referrals.

The firm is always keeping an eye out for attorneys in related and complementary practice areas that might be the right fit to join the team. Skufca Law is specifically bulking up its proficiency in certain areas such as wills, trusts & estates, tax issues and immigration.

But growth isn’t just about increasing the scope of its practice expertise. Though the firm is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, it has attorneys licensed in Virginia and South Carolina as well. Skufca alludes to strengthening the firm’s footprint in the Mid-Atlantic region, explaining that Skufca Law wants to broaden its appeal to clients looking for multi-state representation.


While Skufca Law has been able to thrive by relying on the diverse expertise of its attorneys, another factor to the firm’s success is the role it plays within the community. Skufca describes how everyone within the firm is very civic minded.

“There’s a broader community in which we practice,” explains Skufca. “We’re members of multiple civic and trade organizations.” And he continues, saying the firm’s employees are often shoulder-to-shoulder with their clients at volunteer events, strengthening that all-important personal relationship.

“I’ve always found that one of the best ways to get to know people is working with them in ways outside of the practice of law,” says Skufca.


Considering that Skufca Law celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2020, it’s clear that the firm’s full-service strategy is paying off. Skufca is quick to credit the firm’s attorneys and community involvement as key ingredients in the recipe for staying power.

“Our success is rooted in the community and in our relationship with our clients, in giving back and just being who we are” says Skufca. “That’s how you grow roots, that’s how you build something.”