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18 Sep 2019

Feature Spotlight: How to Buy Lexis and Lexis+ Online

Online shopping is pretty amazing. How else can you buy a waffle iron, jumper cables and an iguana leash in the comfort of your pajamas?

Well, lawyers in one- to two-attorney firms rejoice. You can now enjoy that same convenience when you buy the Lexis® and Lexis+™ services online.*

Click here to buy Lexis resources online

You can select from pre-determined packages with increasingly in-depth content mixes curated by state precisely for your jurisdiction. You can see details on each package and get pricing options before you check out.

It’s a smart way for solos and small law firms to supercharge their legal research—with the sweatpants-clad bliss that comes with online shopping.

(What is Lexis? Find out in this Product Spotlight. What is Lexis+/Lexis Plus? Read more here.)

How Much Does Lexis Cost?

Whether you're a solo practitioner or in a dual-attorney firm, the price of a Lexis or Lexis+ subscription depends a lot on the content needs of your law practice. Through the Lexis and Lexis Plus services, you can get access to the massive online LexisNexis® legal library—but there’s bound to be a lot of material that won’t be relevant to your specific legal practice. That’s why LexisNexis representatives worked hard to create packages based on the core content and pricing needs of most solo and two-attorney firms.

Better still, if you want to customize your plan, you can contact a LexisNexis representative to tailor a content mix exactly for your law practice.

And it’s also handy for law students and lawyers looking to start their own firms to see what value and benefits come with the price of a Lexis or Lexis+ subscription. You can get started here.

What is Included in Lexis?

There’s a lot of information within the LexisNexis online legal database—and what’s relevant to a personal injury attorney may not be relevant to a lawyer in a real estate practice. So LexisNexis curates content based on an individual firm’s needs and budget. (That way, you won’t be charged for something you’re not using.)

If you want to buy Lexis or Lexis Plus online, you’ll need to be a new customer in a one- to two-attorney firm, and select from a few pre-assembled packages:

  1. State Primary
  2. State Enhanced with Full Federal
  3. National Primary Enhanced

All three packages include access to state cases, statutes and legislation, along with Shepard’s® Citations Service. But the State Enhanced with Full Federal and National Primary Enhanced packages kick it up a notch by adding more content, like federal cases and core law journals. You can see the full breakdown of what’s inside each package here.

It's worth mentioning again that each of these packages is customizable. You can treat them as starting points and work directly with a LexisNexis representative to create something with the content (and price) that works best for the type of legal work you do.

Lexis and Lexis+ for Solos and Two-Attorney Firms

In a one- or two-lawyer firm and new to LexisNexis? You’re in luck, these Lexis and Lexis+ price and content packages are available exclusively for you. And since they’re available online, you can supercharge your legal research while you sip your morning coffee.


....Or while you take your iguana for a walk.



*Primary law content for one- or two- attorney firms. These special promotional prices are available exclusively online to new customers only.